Crowd-Sourced Data About 2020 Collegiate Incoming Fencers

Thanks to everyone who has sent in info. I’ll get around to updating the spreadsheet this week.

Hope you are all staying safe and healthy in these VERY strange times…

Thank you @SevenDad . Look forward to seeing the most recent data. Thank you for your time and efforts!

First and foremost…hoping that all of you are continuing to stay healthy, safe, and sane (maybe the hardest part now that we’re into the second month of the “new normal”?).

Second, thanks to all of the people who have reached out over the past two months or so to provide info on the Fencing Recruiting Class of 2020 (high school graduation year). My apologies for not getting this up sooner…funny how time flies when you can’t leave your house.

We are up to 137 fencers across 29 different schools. Of course, let me know if you spy any errors or have any names to add. I’ll probably post the final report for the year in May sometime.

Here’s the link to the updated report:

And just like that, an updated doc…adding two names and correcting one error:

Hi @SevenDad i have an entry that would like to contribute to the doc. Can you message me as I’m still ‘newbie’ status here?
Also, this is for this Fall 2020 entry with Birth year of 2002, right? I’m wondering why I see some names with 2001 birth year?


It is for Fall 2020 (class of 2024) but the birth year is irrelevant. Many (most?) public schools have cutoff dates for entering kindergarten such that those born in the earlier part of 2001 would be class of 2023, but anyone born after, say, September 1, 2001 would be in this class (2024) although of course that varies by location. There are also other variations that cause kids of different birth years to be in the same graduating class e.g., kids who are advanced a class, or families that moved. Hope that helps explain!

I actually prefer to refer to this class as 2024, because that’s what they’ll be in college…but I’m sticking with some of the conventions we inherited when we assumed stewardship of the list.

But yes, it generally documents only the graduating high school seniors (even after the rules changed to allow junior commits in fencing) of a given school year.

Ok got it. Thanks @SpaceVoyager and @SevenDad

Hi! I have some names and a correction. Can you message me? @SevenDad

Are we done or is there one more update coming?

I also have an update and correction.

@SevenDad, could you send me a PM? I have a name to add.

Brown University just declared fencing teams, in addition to some other sports, moving from varsity to club, effective immediately. So sad…

Thank you for this time consuming (but valuable) resource.

Upenn posted their incoming class on Insta.

Was this the final
List for 2020?

Will there be an updates to the list? And is there any thought on starting one for the next year?

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Columbia posted its new 2020 recruits:

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Brown restored its women’s fencing team.

It appeared that there are already a lot good news regarding to ongoing 2021 recruits. Look forward to seeing the most recent data. Thank you for the efforts!