CS degree vs coding boot camp

DO employers truly value a CS degree now that there are so many high quality coding boot camps?

A CS education isn’t the same thing as a coding camp. Being able to code, and code well, is a prerequisite for a CS degree, but it’s only a small component of a CS degree.

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Coding is only a part of Computer Science.

Employers don’t hire CS majors for coding. Employers hire programmers for coding.

Most CS grads do get hired to code.

I have a CS degree and don’t think much of boot camps. It’s like trying to cram 3 years of law school into 9 months. Your brain can only absorb so much at a time.

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Yes, absolutely. Go look at any top tech company’s software engineers on Linkedin, and you’ll see all the top degrees there in big numbers. Yes, a bootcamp grad can potentially work anywhere, but statistically, it doesn’t work out.

At your average tech company (unknown name, small city, just doing it’s thing) you will see more bootcamp grads, but a CS degree still is valued a bit more in my experience. You have more to prove in the interview process (or just to get an interview) as a bootcamp grad, particularly without any prior full-time experience. A CS degree makes getting your foot in the door easier.

If you go to a bootcamp and then work a job for a few years, then neither the Bootcamp nor the degree will really matter, your prior experience will. But it’s that important first step that a CS degree still holds weight in.

I work at a large tech company, and yes, CS degrees are still very much valued here. I actually don’t see too many boot camp grads kicking around.

There aren’t.