CSS Profile schools list

I’m filling out the css profile right now, and there are a few schools I’m not sure whether I’m gona apply or not. Should I still add them on the css profile? What happen if I didn’t apply to all the schools I put on my css profile?

You need to look at their deadline and then see if you can wait. Save the money.

oops forgot to mention, I’m eligible for css fee waiver.

Then I believe you get 8 schools free? Just be aware of the deadlines and send as needed.

If you aren’t sure, wait.

Is the 8-school waiver limit a new rule this year? I did not encounter such a limit in 2020

@teApoT_1 , just do the schools you know you’re applying to now. If you decide to apply to more schools later, you can go back into CSS and add more at that time. At least that’s how it worked for us in 2020.

It looks like there isn’t a limit! I changed my post above.

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Well, I don’t see why we wouldn’t be able to receive the fee waiver if we are a US citizen parent living abroad. We still make under the threshold(!).

My dad put in the CSS and I want to add some schools. He said he don’t think we are able to add schools after submitting it…is there a way to add schools later?

Yes, it’s not an issue.

Thank!!….and please ignore my horrible grammatical error “don’t”. Lol