CSU GPA calculation

Can anyone help me in understanding CSU GPA with only community college courses as honor or AP level classes.

So while calculating the GPA, can we enter the honors points even though they do not appear on the high school transcripts?

Thanks in advance for your help.

@Gumbymom to the rescue!

For the CSU GPA, a 1 semester CC class is counted twice with 2 honors points. A year long AP class would get 2 honors points if it is semester based also.

Maximum number of Honors points for qualified classes taken the summer prior to Sophomore year though the summer prior to Senior year is 8 semesters.

Maximum CSU capped weighted GPA is 4.4.

I like to use the Rogerhub UC GPA calculator and just look at the UC capped weighted GPA calculation = CSU capped weighted GPA.


@Gumbymom, thank you. May I send you a PM to ask a specific question on this?

Yes, you can send me a PM.