CSU Monterey Bay Decisions Fall 2020

So I saw on CSUMB’s website where they have the timeline for freshman applicants that in December of this year the new student orientation opens for admitted students. Does that mean that they start notifying people of their admission decision this month? Because I thought we would hear in February-March, but now I’m unsure.

My DS was accepted in November, so you might start hearing sooner than expected!

@socalmomof4 did you hear through an email or through the portal? And do you know when the application was submitted? Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

@kuzco5269 I believe he submitted on 10/23. We received an email on 11/20. (Not local)

We found out about CSUDH by randomly checking the portal. Doesn’t hurt to look, right?

@socalmomof4 great, thanks! What major?

I followed the link on that page. This is orientation is for Spring 2020 students. I have no idea why that link would be on the freshmen applicants Fall 2020 page. Strange.

I was admitted last week into the Cinematic Arts program :slight_smile: I only found out by checking my portal daily. It’s a good habit to develop for the next few months, good luck to everyone!


Major: Math
GPA: 3.81
Additional Info: Transfer, Army Vet

My daughter was accepted into the Business Administration program this morning. Notification was in the portal–no email as of yet.

RD FTF & EOP Application Submitted: 11/27/2019
STATUS: ACCEPTED 02/12/20 - Via email, online and mail (in that order)
In state (CA – Ventura County)
CSU EI: 4,116 (3.67 X 800 = 2,936 + 1,180 = 4,116)
GPA: 3.33CSUUW / 3.67CSUW
SAT: 1180 (590/590)
First Generation College Bound
APs: Biology & Psychology
Athletics: Varsity & JV Track (10th – Current), Varsity Cheer (9th & 10TH)
& Varsity & JV Soccer (9th & 10TH)
ECs: Leadership roles, volunteer work, 3rd world country service trip & family obligations
Career Goal: Surgeon
Scholarship(s) & Grant(s) Awarded from College to date: Waiting for reply.

Already Accepted FTF RD (Application Submitted / Accepted): Humboldt State University (11/27/19 / 12/18/19), University of Arizona (01/13/20 / 01/17/20), CSU Chico (11/27/19 / 01/17/20), University of Oregon (01/13/20 / 02/18/20), Sonoma State University (11/27/19 / 2/20/20), CSU Chico Honors College (2/20/20).

Waiting for Reply FTF RD (Application Submitted): Stanford (01/02/20), UCLA (11/30/19), Cal Poly SLO (11/27/19), UCSB (11/30/19), UC Davis (11/30/19), UCSC (11/30/19), USD (12/15/19), USF (01/13/20), Cal Lutheran Univ. (12/28/19), University of Arizona’s Honors College (2/14/20) & University of Oregon’s Clark Honors College (01/13/20).