CSU/UC Repeated Course Application Question

Hello, in 10th grade I took Geometry, passed first semester with a C and the next semester with a D-. So in 11th Grade I had to repeat the course and achieved an A both semesters. Now as a senior I asked my old geometry teacher if she could change my D- to at least a C- and she agreed. I’m filling out my CSU/UC apps, I know your suppose to enter your newest repeated course grade. However I no longer have a D-, how should I enter this on my applications? Thanks

For the CSU application, you enter the repeated grade for the class.

For the UC’s, you enter in both the original grade (what is reported on your transcript) and the new grades.

I expect the schools will question why you repeated the class since the D- is now a C- grade?

Also make sure your transcript reflects exactly what you are reporting on your application or you could possibly be rescinded.

Thank you so muchhhh, so for CSU enter my Junior(11th) Geometry grade, and exclude my Sophomore(10th) grade right?


Repeated Courses

  • CSU defines repeated courses as the exact same course with the exact same course title taken at the
    same school or school district at a later time.

 If you repeated a course, enter the highest grade(s) earned for the course. Do not enter this repeated course twice.

UC rules on repeats are given at https://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/counselors/q-and-a/repeating/

Below is my concern about your teacher changing your original grade. From the UC Website which was linked by @ucbalumnus

Although the grade levels do not match your situation, if your teacher changes your grade to a C-, according to the UC rule, your C- will stand and not your A’s.

What if you took the same course but in different school districts?

@blueskygoodbye: Please start a separate discussion thread with your question.

Thank you. I created a thread titled “CSU application repeated course but in different school districts question”- if you could please check it out I’d greatly appreciate it :grinning:!