CSUF Class of 2025 β€” Decision Date: Rolling starting Feb. 9

Started a Discussion to get chanced and see when acceptance will start rolling out in spring.

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Hey, @Gumbymom , I just wanted to know what are my chances of getting into Cal State Fullerton.

My CSU Capped GPA is a (4.05)
I have completed 22.5 A-G courses ( 8 AP’s and 2 Honors)
My intended major is Business Administration-Management
I am non-local applicant.

I just wanted to know my chances because Cal State Fullerton is one of my top choice universities.

@Juicyfruit2443: You look competitive for CSUF so I would say a Match school. Average admit GPA overall was around 3.7.

Best of luck.

CSU GPA: 3.96
29.5 years of A-G (5 APs completed (taking 3 this year in addition), 1 honors, 3 college classes)
Major: Communicative Disorders

Still a long time before we get acceptance/rejection letters. Good luck!! :slight_smile:

does anyone know roughly when we’re getting decisions?

Been waiting… I’m honestly surprised there aren’t more forums online discussing this. So far all I have seen are posts from a few years ago, with most getting their acceptance decisions around mid-February.

I received an email from CSUF an hour ago asking me to send in transcripts to verify my ADT, so here is to hoping the process has begun!

@FiguringItOut888 What is your major. I too noticed there is not much activity going on. Was glad to see your post. At least we know things are going on behind the scenes.
My daughter is majoring in nursing. From my understanding the top applicants will be invited to interview, so hoping to hear something sooner, rather than later for her.
Good luck!

My major is Business. Earlier today I had read that nursing students would not be required to send transcripts in until they have their license notated on their records. So, that may be why she has yet to hear from the school. I’ll see if I can find the link.

Ok, glad you saw something about nursing. She is starting as a traditional nursing student, BSN, so she does not have a license yet. That information you saw could have been for the RN to BSN program. Still good to know you saw some information. Well good luck yo you and hopefully will start to see more activity soon.

I am wondering if there is a chance of me getting accepted to CSUF? I go to a local area school which puts my 3.12 gpa at a 3.42 gpa with the admission advantage. I applied as a computer science major. I took 7 honors classes but I sadly dropped Precalculus Honors to get an A- in regular Precalculus. I also took 3 ap classes and passed them all. On top of that I have 40 hours of community service with two years of marching band.

See my response in your other posted discussion on this subject.

Check your portal! Daughter just received her acceptance with distinction tonight.

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Congratulations! What is your daughters major?

Congrats! OOS or CA? Did she get an email to her personal email address or just portal?

Thank you, Acting

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I just checked in the portal.

My daughter got her acceptance email today! Out-of-State applicant (Texas), Art Major (Animation), California GPA 4.3 (we think). She has taken 3 APs and 8 dual-credit courses with our local community college.
Edited to add: Acceptance with Distinction. That wasn’t in the email, but it was in the portal.

My son checks his portal almost everyday. Yesterday morning, nothing yet from CSUF. This morning, he checked and it shows Accepted with distinction to CS major!!
Freshman, in-state but not local.
No email received yet, but I assume Acceptance in portal is good enough?

This is our first major good news :blush: Now, we just have to wait for the other CSUs that are higher ranking than CSUF :blush:

I was accepted also. In state, non local. Sociology major, 4.09 capped GPA 4.18 fully weighted. Not sure if CSU does capped and uncapped but I know for sure UC does lol.

@teenager146: CSU’s use capped weighted only. Congratulations!!