CSUF Class of 2025 — Decision Date: Rolling starting Feb. 9

Received email to personal email address with acceptance today for Fine Arts

I have my doubts getting in to any CSU. My GPA is not very competitive and without essays to share more about my high school experience beyond just GPA, I’m way at the bottom. So far no email and portal has no update…

Don’t lose hope. It’s still quite early, majority of the CSUs have not released any decisions. Which CSUs did you apply?

Just got accepted today!
Kinesiology major
Northern CA
Weighted GPA 3.75
4 APs , 2 Honors

Daughter just received her acceptance in CS with distinction.
Got an email and checked portal as well

Son also received the email today (his portal was updated yesterday). Accepted with distinction to CS major.

Question, are there any unique benefits on this ‘distinction’? I assume none?

@mmrl8794: There are no benefits for being admitted with “distinction” but your son should get an invite to apply for the honors college.

::Admission With Distinction::

“Admission With Distinction” is awarded to a freshman or transfer student who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in past academic work. For first-time freshmen with no previous college units earned, a grade-point average of 3.6 on a four-point scale must be earned in the coursework considered for admission to the university. Students who have completed fewer than 60 transferable semester units of credit must meet the grade-point average for first-time freshmen and must also have earned a 3.5 grade-point average on all transferable college work attempted. Students who have completed 60 or more transferable semester units are eligible, if a grade-point average of 3.5 is earned in all transferable college work completed.

I applied to Long Beach and Cal Poly and a couple UC schools. It’s too bad the CA schools can’t add this first term grades in. I got a 4.6 WGPA, 4.0 UW taking 6 academic classes with 3 APs which would have improved my overall GPA.

I wonder too…Although, we will be waiting to hear back from other CSU and UCs

Go to Titan Online, then Student Center, then at the bottom, under Admissions you should see Applications Status, and then View Detailed Information For This Application. Hope that helps!

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My daughter received her acceptance 1/26/21 through email.
CSU/UC GPA: 3.95
APs (6): AP Physics 1, AP Econ, AP Gov, APES, APUSH, AP Lang
Completed 30.0 years A-G classes
CSUF Major: BFA Illustration
In state, not local

Does anyone know anything about the Illustration program at CSUF? D has interests in both architectural illustration and interior design. She wants to start her career right after college, so internship offerings and job placement opportunities are important to her.

Curious to know if all notifications of Admittance would have been emailed on 1/26 for CSUF? Or are students notified throughout January & February? Were they sent to your personal email?

Thank you,

High stat applicants are usually notified earlier. The majority of applicants will be notified in February through March. This was several years ago, but my son heard in Mid-December about his acceptance with distinction so you never know.

Some campuses do early admits then rolling admissions through February and March. Some campuses will post their decisions within a small time frame over several days. Very frustrating for the applicants.

Thank you for your help : ))

My daughter’s acceptance was sent to the email she listed on her CSU application. We were surprised to hear so early, as most acceptances come later. Good luck!

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My son got in to theater as well:)

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I’m an us citizen but intl applicant. Hence in the csu portal I could not input any grades as they said it wasnt required…whichmakes me assume that I have to submit transcripts. But I still havent heard anyhting from them asking me to submit anyhting…should I be worried?

My D received an email with instructions on how to apply to the CSUF University Honors Program. Is it worth it to apply?

for anyone here who applied as a nursing major, when/if yall get an email asking for interviewed let me know plzz! also does anyone know (looking at u gummbymom your the smartest queen here) what date last year did people get emailed asking for an interview?

My daughter got one too. It might be worth it just to get the priority registration.

The only reason my daughter isn’t applying is that she has already completed many of the GE credits through high school dual-credit courses (out-of-state student).