- CSULB Fall 2021 Transfer Thread -

Hello everyone!

I’ve decided to post a Fall 2021 Transfer thread and want to know what you guys are planning to transfer with to a 4-year university.

Here is what I am working towards in order to transfer to a 4-year university. I hope I can make it into one of these schools because idk xD

Major: Film & Television
GPA: 4.0
AA-T/AS-T?: Yes
Pre-reqs: completed most prereqs, but need to take one more class (already place attendance for Spring 2021 at my community college)
Golden Four: A, A, A, taking English critical thinking Spring 2021 at my community college
Applied: Fullerton, Long Beach, Chapman University (debating)


Hey, thanks for the thread!!

Here are my stats:

Major: Biochemistry
GPA: 3.8
AA-T/AS-T?: No
Pre-reqs: I’ve completed almost all of my pre-reqs so far.
Golden Four: A, A, A, A
Applied: Long Beach Fullerton, and San Diego State

Thanks for making this thread!

Major: Geography
GPA: 3.4
AA-T/AS-T: Yes
Pre-req: All Competed
Golden Four: A, A, B, B
Applied to: CSULB, Cal State LA

Thank you @ctran999 for creating this thread!

Major: Child Development & Family Studies

Cumulative GPA: 3.78

Major GPA: 4.0

AA-T/AS-T?: No

Pre-reqs: Completed

Golden Four: A, A, B, A

Local: No (but I’m a CA resident living in the OC area)

Applied: CSULB & CSUF

Major: Aerospace Engineering
Applied: October 29, 2020
GPA: 3.40
Transferable Units Completed: 60
AA-T/AS-T: None
Pre-reqs: Will be completed by the end of Spring 2021.
(Calc 1-2, General Chemistry and Newton Physcisc already done)
Golden 4: All Three done (They require 3 of these for Engineering Majors)
GE Classes: All sections completed.
Area: Orange County, CA

Other schools I applied to: CPP

Major: Psychology
Applied: December 3
Gpa: 3.32 cumulative
Transferable units completed: 84
Golden four: A,A,A,A
Pre reqs: already all completed as of fall 2020
Local: yes (LA county)
Applied to: Long Beach, Fullerton, San Luis Obispo, Dominguez hills, San Diego state, Pomona

Major: Biology; Molecular and Cell Biology and Physiology
Transfer GPA: 3.76
Transferable Credits: 79
Pre-reqs: completed required pre-reqs, working on some recommended
Golden Four: B,B,A,A
Applied: CSULB

Hi there and thanks for creating this Thread!

Major: Computer Science
Cumulative GPA: 3.50
AA-T/AS-T?: No
Pre-reqs: I Will have finished Calculus 2 by this winter
Golden Four: A, (AP Test), A, A
Local: CA Resident in LA county

Major: Psychology
Cumulative GPA:4.0
Golden four: A,A,A,A
Local: Live across campus

hey y’all!
transfer student
major- psych
cum gpa- 3.73
golden four- A A C B
planning on receiving an AA-T
pre-reqs- complete
not local but live 30 mins away
applied- csulb, csuf, csula & csudh

I just got an email just now from CSUF I got accepted for the Fall 2021 semester in the Child and Adolescent Studies (Family and Community Contexts) major!!


Hey @wntrblxssxm I also got accepted into CSUF with distinction : D !! Cinema and Television Arts major


Hellooo all! Thank you for making the thread ~ Good luck!

Major: Studio Arts
GPA: 3.7 (excluding AA-T)
AA-T/AS-T: Yes
Pre-reqs: In-progress for Spring 2021
Golden Four: A A; others are In-progress for Spring 2021
Local: No (Bay area)

Thank you for creating this thread and good luck to everyone!!

Major: Criminal Justice
Transfer GPA: 3.44
AA-T/AS-T: Yes
Pre-reqs: Will complete Spring 2021
Golden Four: A,A,B,A

Major: Psychology
Transfer GPA: 3.74
AA-T/AS-T: Yes
Pre-reqs: Completed.
Golden Four: Completed.
Local: No, San Diego.
Applied: CSULB, SDSU, CSULA, CSUN (accepted)

Hi guys and thanks for creating this Thread, much appreciated.

Major: Theatre of Arts
Cumulative GPA: 3.244
AA-T/AS-T?: No
Major prep: Yes
Golden Four: B, C, A, A
Local: CA Resident in LA county

If anyone has information on my chances in getting into the Theatre program please let me know because I have not found anything on how impacted Theatre is in CSULB, I just know it is one of the best environments for theatre there. I honestly hope I have a chance in getting into it with a 3.2 GPA. I am currently attending another CSU so maybe that will help? Idk kinda worried rn. Also another question, do stretch courses hurt my chances on getting admitted?

@charles_r1318: Based on 2019 data (most recent), the average admittd Transfer GPA for Theater was 3.6.

Best of luck.

Hi guys! Super nervous because Long Beach is my dream school…

Major: Political Science
Transfer GPA: 3.2 without ADT bump as of Fall 2020
AA-T/AS-T: Yes
Pre-reqs: Completed
Golden Four: A A A TBD
Local: No, Santa Monica

I should note that my projected GPA after spring 2021 should be around 3.4 without the ADT bump!

Hello everyone!

I’m a sophomore at a California Community College. I currently am getting my ADT to transfer in History. I got it officially verified-in progress even before the deadline. It was an evaluator from America Rust. So happy and honored. He/ she even said congratulations. Barring that I pass with all C’s (A’s in my case) in my spring semester to complete my golden four and all of my prereqs. I’m taking 3 for the spring semester for SDSU and a few of the top colleges, specifically.

Major: History
GPA: 3.29 (3.39 with ADT bump)
AAT/AS-T: Yes (In Progress for Spring, but officially verified by an evaluator)
Pre-reqs: three classes done, (three in progress), probably a few more pre reqs that I can use as well
Golden Four: A,C (In progress - STATS and engwr)
Applied: CSUF, CSUS, Cal Poly SLO, SDSU, CSULB
Local: No

Hopefully if I get all A’s in the spring semester (or a 3.5 at least) I should be able to become a 3.5+ GPA student with an adt bump as well. Hopefully I get into SLO and SDSU. My dream schools. Beach would be meh. Sac State would be great. I’m not gonna lie CSULB does have a reputation for not being as good as it could be. Despite it’s “well-renowned” status as being one of the top CSU’s. It’s not looked at as being on par with San Diego State or Cal Poly SLO.