- CSULB Fall 2021 Transfer Thread -

Financial Aid packages are out for some students

Hey, I received mine yesterday. I am waiting to hear from admissions if all my sent documents were received and approved but nothing yet. I also heard we were supposed to get an confirmation email once documents were received. Does this mean we are all good to go and the only thing pending is to pass our spring courses? I have been worrying csulb will send out an email telling me I did not pass the requirements lol!

Hey did you get in? I already got my acceptance through email so I was wondering if the same happened to you.

Same boat! Sent requested documents, and they didn’t send additional confirmation of admission but they did give me a student login and financial aid info so i’m assuming i just have to accept or decline now.

My status changed from “Admitted subject to confirmation and requested documents have been received” to “Intent to enroll received”… Anyone know what that means ? Lol

I think it means that they saw that you accepted the admission offer!

Cant delete the comment but never mind i found it LOL

might be a dumb question but where is the supposed to-do list in mycsulb? I cannot find one anywhere

Once your on myCSULB click on the box that says student center and it should be on the right

any update ?

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UPDATE: I received an email yesterday from CSULB Admissions. They just confirmed my admission offer!




nope :pensive:


I think so. That’s what I heard from the history department at sdsu. I could be wrong, however, because they are doing on campus classes “says the chancellor of the csu system.”

Just checked my status and previously it said “Admitted subject to confirmation and requested documents have been received” but now it just says “Admitted” does that mean I’m no longer under conditional admission?

Hi everybody.
Today CSULB announced that our portals have been updated with what courses ended up transferring over!
Take a look.

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Where can i view that info?

Go to student center in your CSULB portal.
Click “My Academics”
There you can view your requirements to graduate, what courses transferred, course history, unofficial transcripts, applying to graduate, and advisor notes.

As of now I recommend you click around on the Academic reqs, unofficial transcript, and transfer credit report.

You can also get your SOAR orientation date now.


are you going here? best of luck

I don’t see where the “My Academics” is on the portal. What tab is under? Is it on the left or right column of the student center portal?

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