CSUMB - Fall 2018 Admissions - Incoming Freshman

I realize its too soon for any admissions decisions, but I am hoping to start a thread to see when applicants start hearing back from CSUMB.

It looks like acceptance started coming out during the second week of February in 2017. There is a new application this year, so the timeline might change. Good luck with the waiting. I know it sucks. Hopefully, there won’t be a huge delay.

Thank you! Haven’t gone through this process before…both excited and terrified!

@socalmomof4, I know exactly how you feel. I went through it with my oldest child for the first time last year. I must have driven him crazy making him check his portals and email everyday. This site was super helpful because it let me know that NO ONE was receiving announcements for certain colleges. That let me relax a bit until the actual acceptances started coming out.

It doesn’t end with acceptances, though. Unless your child gets accepted to a perfect fit school (#1 on his/her personal choice, financial, and academic lists) , then you might have to wait for your child’s decision to come about. My son took a good month after he had received his acceptances. We didn’t want to pressure him, but we were also freaked out that he would miss housing application deadlines, etc.

It’s still an exciting time. Try to focus on the fun of it. Good luck to you and your family.

@AMCdad , Exciting times for sure. My DD is our oldest and I am so nervous for her. I just want her to have options. I will say that she really doesn’t have her heart set on any particular school. I’m hoping that she’ll get acceptances, we’ll tour, and then she’ll decide. Luckily, she has been accepted to four privates so far…so at least those are some options. :slight_smile:

Options are nice, @socalmomof4. I hope your daughter has many. I know that touring AFTER being accepted to schools was different for my son. He seemed more engaged and more willing to “see” himself at the school. We visited/revisited a couple of schools as soon as he was accepted and it made a difference in his decision making process. He even specifically said that visiting a school that he knew “wanted” him made him like it more.

So choose that first post-acceptance tour wisely. That school might very well “imprint” itself on your daughter.

@AMCdad Hi again! DD was accepted! :slight_smile:

@socalmomof4, congratulations to your daughter (and you)!

Congrats to your Daughter! :slight_smile:
BTW, Did you see that in the portal? My daughters CSUMB portal has never updated any status, unlike all the other portals, so just wondering if you received an email or portal update.

@Calstates Yes…check the portal! Updated about an hour ago…crossing my fingers for you and yours!

My son’s portal is still showing ‘In Review’, too! I noticed last year people posted Admissions notifications starting on 2/9/17 but for my son’s major they didn’t post until a week later. The waiting is the hardest part!!

@quinnbc I agree! I check the portals once or twice a day! This morning she was in review; when I checked after work, she was in. I think it does go my majors, and/or OOS and In State, and /or Freshmen and Transfer. This is so stressful…and my DD is the oldest of 4 - Yay! I get to do this three more times!

@socalmomof4 My son is my second and last! It was much easier with my daughter. Her university (Mizzou) has rolling admissions so we found out she was accepted in August before her senior year (and three weeks after she applied)! He’s been accepted there as well but it’s unlikely he’ll leave California for Missouri!

Conditionally admitted.

Major: Cinematic Arts and Technology

@socalmomof4 , FYI
DD accepted now @ CSUMB
3.52 GPA
1180 SAT
Liberal Arts (Elementary School teacher) Major

( total accepted list below)

SF State
Sonoma State

Waiting on_

San Diego State
CSUF (Local status)
Chico State

@Calstates Congrats!!! Our DDs might end up at the same place!

Accepted at:
CSUCI (Local)

Waiting on:
Sac State

DD applied under Liberal Studies at some, and Communicative Disorders (Pre-SLP) at others!

Exciting times!!

I was just admitted for marine science!
Csu gpa: 3.54
Sat: 1140 superscored 1120 highest sitting
Nonlocal, socal student

My daughter was just admitted.
Biology major
3.7 GPA
1370 SAT (1390 superscore)

I applied as soon as I could. CSUMB is my #1 school and I check my portal at least three times a day since January. Waiting is the hardest part! I’m so nervous about not getting in.

Admitted last week - 3.5 csu gpa SAT 1260 Major Music