CSUMB Fall 2019 Admission..waiting. CALVET ?

Still at the “In Review Status” I hope this isn’t a bad sign. Anyone still waiting? Has anyone used CalVet? At what point do I need to start the process? Already have acceptance to CSUSM. But waiting to hear back from MB…

I got accepted to MB In November, not even a month after I applied.
Im not local but I am in state (Los Angeles County) and my major is Humanities and Communications.
my gpa is a 3.53 and sat 1130. good luck!

Oh wow! That’s awesome, congrats. Mine is an impacted major (computer science), not sure if that’s the hold up. I am still waiting for CSULA as well.

there is no harm in calling and asking.

My daughter was admitted to Marine Science for Fall 2019.

That’s great! Congrats!! Still waiting here. I did talk to them and they said the lastest would be April for decisions

Hi guys, figured I’d post my stats.


GPA: 2.97
Major: Marine Bio
Prereqs: Done
Local: Nope, Hancock College

Still waiting: Cal Poly, UCSC

Congratulations on your acceptances so far!!

Was denied due to impaction with redirection. Disappointed, but actually just blessed because I have acceptances to others. So even though this was my first choice I am putting it behind and moving forward and off to visit campuses. Good luck everyone, here’s to a great year.

@g032904 Sorry to hear you were denied. I’ve heard comp sci is pretty impacted at lots of schools! Lots of career opportunities though :wink: Glad you have a positive outlook on it. Where were you accepted/where would you like to go?