CTY programs getting cancelled first session with little notice

Apparently CTY Haverford is completely closed for the first session, but the office told me second session should still happen. I’m probably going to call and get a refund anyway.

I’m not sure what is going at Johns Hopkins CTY, to have a residential program cancel on families with 36 hours’ notice. A couple other CTY sites scaled back their on-campus programs without warning, but only Haverford was completely cancelled.

Here are all cancelled classes for the first session.

Made news on the Washington Post as well:


I’m honestly not surprised. Purdue announced that they weren’t going to do their summer programs for HS students months ago. Same issues - covid concerns and staffing shortages.

The last minute cancellations seem unnecessary as the issues could have been predicted.

I’m so sorry to hear this. My CTY experience as a rising 8th grader back in the day was a game changer for me. I would go so far as to say life saving. I feel for those kids who had their heart set on testing out what college might be like and now are turning around for home.

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Just got an email from CTY. There’s a new executive director.

In its first summer of in-person programming since the onset of the pandemic, it is clear to us that CTY has not met Johns Hopkins University’s standards. Effective immediately, and throughout the duration of the summer, Professor Stephen Gange, Johns Hopkins University’s Executive Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, has agreed to serve as interim Executive Director. Stephen is a trusted leader at the university who played a key role in helping JHU navigate a safe and healthy return to campus for our students during the pandemic and is a proud parent of a CTY alumna.

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Davidson also cancelled half their sessions this year, citing the same issues, and immediately before start dates.