CU Boulder Class of 2025 Regular Decision

yes, there is always IUT; meaning that you can transfer to the college of choice if you have completed the pre-reqs or you could reapply. Current CU Students (IUT) | College of Media, Communication and Information | University of Colorado Boulder

any updates??

We have the same situation. Colorado State is doable, but we need to research more about the differences between the 2 schools.

Do you know if there’s anything else (talking to school/admissions counselor, calling the admissions office) that one can do to get themselves included in an earlier round of decision considerations? The website makes it sound as though it’s all up to chance.

A nice summary about CSU from Colorado local @twoinanddone:

Ft. Collins is more of a western town than Boulder. CSU is more western. It’s in the same athletic conference as Wyoming, Boise State, Utah State while CU is in the Pac 12 with Stanford, Cal, UCLA.

CSU is the land grant college and it shows in its offerings. Engineering at CU is aerospace and business while at CSU it is more agriculture, industrial design. The school has a big focus on agriculture and veterinary sciences. It is much more low key and cowboy-ish, but that’s what the students want. It has a new football stadium. For sports, its rivals are closer (Wyoming, Air Force, Boise State) so they have a lot of activities that involve traveling (for the day) to those schools, there is a run between Ft. Collins and Laramie for those games to keep the rivalry alive.

You can get to Boulder on a bus but I really doubt anyone does that! If a group is going to Boulder, they take a car and it’s about 40 minutes. They might do that for a party (same fraternity? because some one is dating someone from the other school) but it’s not done on a regular basis. There isn’t much interactions between the schools except for the old Rocky Mtn Showdown (football game on labor day weekend) but that’s been cancelled. Also, it was held in Denver.

DU is a different personality altogether. It’s an urban school in Denver, with the main sports being hockey and lacrosse (and this year women’s gymnastics). It’s smaller and has more of a focus on the business school and international affairs. It has a hockey rivalry with Colorado College, but the lacrosse rivalries are with the east coast schools (Duke, Syracuse, Albany) or midwest schools (ND, Marquette).

So DU is more like an urban small school, CU/Boulder is more an urban, NY/California feeling, and CSU is more low key, cowboy feeling town. All are fun and great, but they are different.

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For everyone that already heard - did you get an email letting you know there was an update? D is going away for a few days so she doesnt want to have to keep checking the portal for an update. This is the last school we are waiting to hear from, the wait seems endless.

My daughter found out last Friday and did get an e-mail telling her to check the portal. I hope your daughter finds out soon and it’s good news.

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Thank you! Hope so too, although we are pretty sure we decided on another school unless CU Boulder offers something crazy. From what I read on the early decisions thread, that doesnt happen…

i have a question, even if you didnt get into the specific program you would still get into college right?

From my understanding, it’s not unusual for someone applying to major in Business of Engineering to be accepted into “Exploratory Studies” with the the chance to transfer into those programs after their first year. I’m not sure I’ve heard of people having the same happen with other majors, but I could be wrong.

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D21 was accepted RD to International Studies program. 5 applications and 5 acceptances so she is happy and I’m proud. CU Boulder offered no merit at all so this one is out of the running. She’ll be staying in the northeast!

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Does anyone know when scholarships will be announced?

Has anyone gotten off the waitlist yet?

Nope…but my son has accepted at U of Oregon and is excited.

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My daughter has been offered admission. We’re from CA. I’d love to see these other boards with exciting kids & parents :slight_smile: What boards do you follow? Thanks in advance!

These were the UC boards for Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, Etc, so not Boulder. The fervor has died down now that students have gotten their admissions statuses.

Just got off the waitlist! Admitted- Aerospace Engineering.

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Son admitted off waitlist! He’d already accepted at Oregon and is now back in re-decision mode.

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son also admitted off waitlist. He was accepted to Oregon but was holding out to end of April before committing with hopes of getting into CU. Thrilled it worked out after all this waiting. Congrats to you and all the others on the string.

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My son also admitted off the waitlist. He had pretty much decided to go to Santa Clara while waiting, but now rethinking his decision. Congrats to everyone who’s gotten in.

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