Current students or recent University of New Haven grads

My senior D is just recently interested in forensic science (taking a class now), but is still interested in computer science. UNH has both programs (which are both accredited by their respective accreditation societies), so I’m thinking it may be a good fit for her.

UNH students/alumni, what are your opinions/experiences with life at UNH? Quality of professors? Any insights/opinions would be appreciated!

UNH has a strong forensic science program and strong legal studies program; albeit, if your daughter is interested in computer science I would highly recommend Carnegie Mellon, University of Virginia or Virginia Tech. There are many issues with this university that I think should be reconciled and addressed before one decides to attend this university.The University of New Haven isn’t exactly an intellectual university- the University of Connecticut and Quinnipiac are ranked significantly higher. The student body does not exactly comprise the most talented and intelligent students either.The campus is clearly underfunded and resources at the university are atrocious. Surprisingly, the quality of professors at this university is a saving grace despite its asymmetric cohort. This University attracts a minority of genuine and highly qualified professors because it happens to be close to Yale. I myself had strictly Ivy-League educated professors, which I wouldn’t trade for the world. It’s not the best university around but if you’re a talented individual then you can certainly make it work. Top legal studies students at this university have gone on to attend U.Va, Tulane and George Washington Law school. I myself have transferred to the latter and am grateful for the supererogatory preparation provided by UNH’s legal studies program. Luckily, I profited from a genuine experience and yielded an incredible education from this university. If your daughter decides to attend this university, I sincerely hope she has the fortune of being instructed by a certain group of professors: Douglas Ficek, Brian Marks, Karen Redlich and last but certainly the opposite of least Donna-Decker Morris (Yale Law J.D). Good luck!

@GWYalie1994 thank you so much for your response! I actually stoppped checking the unh page because there is no activity. I checked comments on niche & the unh facebook page, I got the general feeling that if you weren’t a forensic/ criminal justice major, you were not a priority. I appreciate you sharing your experiences & information. She was awarded a generous scholarship ( appx 60% tuition) but still not enough for us to consider enrolling, especially since she has decided to go with computer science as her major. Thanks again for you candor.

Wow, interesting thread! My son is interested in the fire programs at UNH - I see that your comments indicate that the CJ/Criminology kids get priority, but the fire science programs also seem to be very unique to UNH (maybe rivaled by University of MD). My son is interested in the school - we toured today and he felt very comfortable there. I appreciate the comments from GWYalie, but I wonder if I need to take them with a grain of salt considering that my kid doesn’t test well and sports only a 3.0… comments welcome!