Current Students, please help

<p>So, after deciding that I wasn't in love with what had previously been my absolute first choice, I've decided to go visit W&M. Obviously on very short notice, since decisions are due Saturday.</p>

<p>Anyway, the plan is this - I'm going down Thursday night and spending Friday and Saturday morning at William and Mary, trying to make a last-minute choice. I plan on just staying in Williamsburg, but I was wondering if any of you (or your female friends) would be willing to host me - I think I will get a better picture of what life is really like there. </p>

<p>Anyway, if no one can, that's fine, but I thought it was worth asking.</p>


<p>I think you are going to love the campus and the students at William and Mary. I think you should call the admissions office and see if they can arrange a student host for you while you are visiting. One thing you will notice right away is the overall warm feel of the campus and the happiness of the students. I've visited numerous times, not just for tours and this is the feeling I've gotten. Go Tribe! Class of 2009!! Hope to see you there! Let us know how it goes.</p>

<p>I second the idea of contacting the admissions office. If there's no one to host you, I could at least meet you and try to answer any questions you have (I think i'm too frank to be a tour guide, as they didn't want me =P, but I can answer questions none the less, at least about what I know about). Feel free to IM me on aim. Same name as on here.</p>

<p>Keep in mind that this Friday is the last day of classes, so there will be stuff going on like crazy. (Both legal, as in stuff put on by the school, and illegal, involving lots of alcohol)</p>