Current UT Student, ask me whatever! :)

<p>Hey guys, ask me any questions you have about admissions, majors, housing, orgs, classes, whatever! :) I love helping people out and I know that I loved it when people answered my questions when I was waiting for my decision =D</p>

<p>Did you live on campus? If so, where? What would you say about honors housing?</p>

<p>Is Biochemistry a hard major to get in to? I don’t think it is, but want to make sure xD</p>

<p>How’s the dorm life?</p>

<p>What dorm would you recommend for a girl who wants a coed dorm? and how do out of state students do socially? like does it really matter to students?</p>

<p>^socially you will be no different from the in-state students. Being out of state will have no effect on you.</p>

<p>@Cwillbounds-I do live on campus, in San Jac! :slight_smile: I like it because it’s super convenient to everything, and I really wanted to live in a dorm just as part of my college experience :slight_smile: I’ve heard that honors housing is quiet, and the quad puts on great activities for its students. The rooms are small, though.</p>

<p>@AlexVill17-If you’re auto-admit, no…but if you’re not, then maybe! I applied for biology and got rejected but got into McCombs and I wasn’t auto-admit haha. ^for housing :)</p>

<p>@ealtieri-Jester East for sure :slight_smile: I love San Jac, but Jester East to me is the best combination of convenience and fanciness :slight_smile: And no, social life is fine for anyone, no matter where you come from! It just depends on what organizations you join and how much you make an effort to be sociable.</p>

<p>Do you mind posting your stats for mccombs? I’m applying there as well. Also when do they usually send acceptance?</p>

<p>@natalie9494- San Jack is actually my first choice for dorms! Do you think a freshman has a chance to get a spot?</p>

<p>Is San Jack loud? How’s the overall atmosphere?</p>

<p>What are the internship and co-op opportunities like for say, Engineers? </p>

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<p>Is it hard for an auto admit to get into the nursing major aka pre nursing major? About housing. Is it better to use the roomate profiler offered by the school. If so how do you use it when there are so many matches? Is it better to live in jester east or west for a girl? I know they say jester is gross but I think it’s social and I want the perfect side of jester to live in.</p>

<p>@FullMetalx and everyone else:</p>

<p>SAT I: CR: 770, M: 680, W: 780 (2230)
Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 3.85
Weighted GPA 4.43
Rank: 85/833
Major Awards: National Merit Commended
Volunteer/Community service: 900+ hours; Volunteer at a Summer Camp for disadvantaged kids, Assistant Counselor at a camp for 2 years</p>

<p>I was also in a few business clubs! BTW, I’m Business/Pre-Pharm.</p>

<p>I got my decision February 17 or 18, I forget. But mid-february because I wasn’t auto.</p>

<p>@AlexVill17- It’s very quiet! It depends on when you sent in your $50. I sent mine in September 7, so I got San Jac. I like it, but it doesn’t necessarily live up to all the hype.</p>

<p>@Phantom7- There’s a career expo at the beginning of the year that you can attend to meet companies and get information and hopefully interviews with potential employers. There are a ton of opportunities!</p>

<p>@twentyone30-My roommate was top 6% and she got into pre-nursing! I don’t think it’s super competetive. Many people I know used the UT facebook group in order to find a roommate, and oftentimes it worked out great. And Jester East, always. It’s just as social and convenient, but much nicer than West!</p>

<p>Hey do you see any international students in UT? How competitive is UT for internationals, especially for engineering?</p>

<p>How hard is it to get single space dorm? And if I submitted my apps near the deadline what kind of housing should I expect to get?</p>

<p>What are my chances of getting into UT in general, and then into either McCombs or the School of Communication? I’m out of state btw (from Pennsylvania) and my high school does not rank.</p>

AP’s- U.S. History, European History, Psychology, Economics (Micro and Macro), English
I.B.- German 4 and 5
All other classes have been honors except for regular calc this year
I’ve gotten all A’s, except for last year when I got 4 B’s, which I’m worried about :confused: (2 in Honors Pre-Calc, 1 in I.B. German 4, and one in honors Physics).</p>

<p>SAT- 2130 (Math-640, Writing-690, Reading-800)

<p>Extracurricular- Participated in German student exchange program, Tennis (Varsity for 3 years and co-captain this year), Track, FBLA, church choir, German Club (treasurer), German tutor</p>

<p>Achievements- 1st place in state-wide business plan competition, 3rd place in international marketing competition sponsored at Bayer</p>

<p>I think my essays were pretty well-written and unique, and my rec letters should be pretty strong, especially the one from my German teacher who went to Germany with me on the exchange! I think there will be a lot about my personality in her rec letter and in my essays in general, if that helps me at all?</p>

<p>Also what’s the financial aid like? I really would like to go to UT, but I feel like it will be hard unless I get scholarship money, especially since all my other schools have been super generous! I don’t think I’ll get too much in need-based aid since my grandfather has accounts in my name, but what about merit? I really cannot afford full tuition</p>

<p>@Sunshine You’re pretty much in for UT in general. I think you’re in for communications too. Your math score on the SAT is a little low so I would be weary about business. And I’ve heard that UT is stingy with Fin. Aid</p>

<p>@Confused786-I do see lots of international students! I don’t know how competitive it is, but I image it’s somewhat like OOS and non-auto admit kids.</p>

<p>@Swagmonsta-It’s almost impossible, because most upperclassmen get single dorms. I wouldn’t count on it at all! It depends when you paid your $50 deposit fee. If you just now paid it, you’re probably going to get Jester West, unless your roommate paid earlier than you did!</p>

<p>@sunshine341 You should be fine!! Your SAT is pretty high, and you already have experience with business. I know people who got in with much lower scores than you have. Don’t worry too much! I don’t know too much about financial aid, but you may be offered an in-state tuition waiver :slight_smile: Keep your hopes up!</p>

<p>Do you know anyone who got into mccombs with a 2060 (1380 CR+M)? My goal is to try to do pre med with business. Do you know anyone who is currently doing this? How do they manage?</p>

<p>Will it be too late to wait until I see if I’m accepted (and with how much financial aid) before I fill out the housing app? I’m weary about paying $50 in case I decide not to go after all or if I get rejected…I really want Jester, but as long as I get a fun, active, coed dorm I’m okay…
Also my friend and I are planning to room together, preferably in Jester, so if she already filled out her housing app, will it affect our chances of getting Jester if I fill out my app late? Or can I wait to fill it out since she’s already done it? S</p>

<p>I know it’s a bit late but thanks for your answer to my question on the last page. I really appreciate it.</p>