Cushing Academy acceptance

After M10, my daughter is leaning toward attending Cushing (although we’re still waiting to see the FA letter). I haven’t seen much on CC about the school. We enjoyed our two visits, but since we have zero prior BS experience, I want to know if anyone knows of red flags or issues we should be aware of when making our decision.

I have a friend whose son just graduated from Cushing. She always had very good things to say about the school - especially about the teachers, advisors, dorm parents, etc. Congrats to your daughter and I hope the FA works out.

Congratulations! I don’t have any personal knowledge, but one of my son’s friends was accepted there and I think that’s where he’s planning to attend. I think one thing they liked is that it’s a very nurturing and low-anxiety atmosphere. Another friend did some work there and was very impressed as well, though I don’t remember her specific description.