CWRU Class of 2025 Official Discussion Thread

I had received an email last week from the admission office stating was selected from a record pool of more than 33,000 applicants.


My daughter was waitlisted at Case, but she got into her top picks: Kenyon, Colorado College, and the University of Pennsylvania, which only accepted 4% of regular decision applicants this year.


Congratulations! Those are great options.

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Waitlisted here - if u know you are going somewhere else - please please please don’t forget to withdraw so those on waitlist don’t have to wait until May 1 deadline to pass for system to Open spots for WL students.

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My son will be withdrawing soon. He also got a merit scholarship. However, he got in to his top choice.

Very difficult to say no when a college shows so much love.

My gut feeling is it will be late next week or the following week. Now that Ivy Day and Stanford are done, most seniors will take a few days “off” and then start saying no to colleges next week.

We said no to one last night and the rest will be today and tomorrow. So i am sure there will be a lag between getting responses from students and then picking students off waitlists.

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I think my daughter withdrew from all of her waitlists except Johns Hopkins.

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Does CWRU accept college level courses done while in high school ?

Yes. My kid skipped the first year Math and Chem.

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My S is waitlisted and received an email from CWRU regarding accept or decline from the wait list. My question is that what is option 1 that
I wish to remain on the waitlist. Case Western Reserve University is my top choice. and option 2- I am still interested in Case Western Reserve. Please keep me on the waitlist.

Please provide me the details.

It depends.

College Credit
Once you’ve been admitted to Case Western Reserve University and we’ve received your final transcript and course descriptions of the college-level work you have successfully completed, the Office of Undergraduate Studies will evaluate your transfer credits.

Credit can be awarded for courses:

  • Equivalent to courses offered by CWRU
  • Completed with a grade of C or better
  • Taken at an accredited two-year or four-year college, university or technical institute

CWRU does not grant credit for college courses that were used to meet high school graduation requirements or that repeat courses completed in high school.

What I believe this means is that 1) means that CWRU is my top choice (and I would enroll if accepted, so keep me on the wait list) and 2) means CWRU is one of my choices so keep me on the wait list.

At this point Case wants to accept people that would definitely attend. If CWRU is your top choice, then choose #1. If you are still figuring out options you can put #2, but it would seem that you would not be someone who would definitely attend.

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If we pick option 1 - is it binding ?

I would think not…but only say Case is your top choice if it is your top choice.

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Thanks a lot. It makes sense.

My daughter will be rejecting her offer today - CWRU just did not make the top of her list once we visited. Good luck!

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@Xanthous1 Are they offering Campus tours at CW? Where did u register for the visit?

@D17D21 what were the the issues from your standpoint? Was it related to courses/major? thanks!

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They are doing tours for seniors. We received an email with a link and were able to sign up easily. It was a very worthwhile tour, our guide was great. If your is a senior and did not get the email, just call the admissions office.

My daughter will be a computer science major. The program is good at all of the schools she is looking at. When we visited, we just could not find CWRU’s competitive advantage for computer science majors over some other schools on her list. She could just not see herself there in the end.

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