CWRU Class of 2025 Official Discussion Thread

My D is applying EA to CWRU so I’m starting this thread.

Case is her high match/low reach school and she plans to major in Biology and math. Any tips for successful admission is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:


Level of applicant’s interest is considered. Make sure she registers and attends an online admissions session. They’ll provide her the best tips.


Here are some ideas on how to Show Interest

If anyone has any more ideas on how to do this during Covid let me know.

Is she planning to double major?
Is she pre-med?
What is her GPA and SAT/ACT?


Thank you for the info. That was the thinking to have her majoring in both biology and math since she will be focusing in premed track and she is very strong in math. However, it’s not final decision, since she will need to talk to advisor for their recommendation .

She has a 4.0 UW GPA and 1540(SAT)/36(ACT) all in 1 sitting.

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My D is also applying EA to CWRU. Thank you for starting this thread. Good luck to both our D’s!

Also pre-med planning to major in Chem and minor in Communications or Creative Writing. For now. :wink:

4.0 UW ? (all As… our school uses a 100 pt scale)
1510 SAT (780 M, 730 R) She took it again last Saturday so we will see if that changes.


Good luck to your D too :slight_smile:

We are hoping for good merit aids to make it affordable but my D likes CWRU and it’s on the top of her list. She attended a couple virtual sessions already and we plan to visit school when it’s safe to travel. Hopefully, during next spring break.

@ttb1263 If she wants to major in math, she can major in math and just take the Pre-med pre-req classes as well. No need to “major” or "minor’ in Biology.

Here is where you can find the suggested curriculum for a pre-med Math major.

There is more info about CWRU Pre-med at Message #5:


@bopper Both of those links are very helpful. Thank you!

@ bopper

Thanks for the links.

my D just submitted her application to Case just now. Will receive an email to access a portal to check status and hopefully an acceptance ? :wink:


Hi, I am applying early action to Case and it’s one of my top choices. Could you guys please advise me on my chances of admission? Also, how does financial aid work? Are you considered for merit scholarships automatically when you apply?

UW GPA -3.77
W GPA- 4.03
SAT- 1530(780 math, 750 English)
AP chem-5
Not taking SAT II cause of Covid
EC’s are average but nothing great
LOR’s are probably 8/10
Thanks for the help!

Good luck to all the applicants!

My kid is applying to PPSP, he fell in love with the school during a visit. We know the odds are low but he’s done all he can to be competitive. Fingers crossed!


Good luck to your boy and I think he has very decent chance to get in with his stat. My D also loves Case but just applied to Case EA only - She plans to do a traditional Pre-Med. I really want her to apply to PPSP but leave it to her to make that decision.

@tuffy21 Your stats are consistent with those who are admitted…when you say ECs are nothing special you mean compared to others in CC or in general?

For Need-basedfinancial aid:

For Merit Scholarships:
Students are automatically considered for most available scholarships when they apply to CWRU. Visit the Undergraduate Admission scholarship competitions page ( for the few cases where you must submit additional materials for consideration.


Will submitting SAT subject tests increase chance of accepting to Case?

My D submitted the App already with ACT/SAT scores on 10/01 already with EA option. However she took SAT subject tests math 2 and Bio on 10/03. College Board still has not posted her scores yet but we are hoping they will have in a few days :frowning: . Is it too late to submit the scores then ? or should we just not submitting it at all?


If you look in the Common Data Set in section C8A it says SAT Subject Tests are “Considered” (not Required, not Recommended)…and this is Pre-Covid.

I think the fact that your child has taken the SAT is good during this covid application cycle. If you get the results, I would go ahead and submit them. Contact your admissions counselor ( and let them know.

Also it isn’t like they make EA decisions on Nov 2…the notification date is Dec 19.

Case is test-optional right now… “We know taking the ACT or SAT may be difficult—or, frankly, impossible—this year, and so we have gone test optional for the classes entering in fall 2021, 2022 and 2023.”

TL;DR: I don’t think Case puts a ton of emphasis on SAT2s, and in this Covid application cycle they are happy you have SAT/ACT scores at all.

Thanks @bopper !!!

Quick question - you seem so knowledgeable with Case’s admission. Do you work for Case? or have child/children attend(s) Case?

I went to CWRU (Class of '86) and was an Alumni Ambassador (used to do applicant interviews back when they had alumni do them).
Also I try to keep up with what is going on at Case.

Also if you want to “Show Interest”, check out this post:

@bopper Thanks for your response! I don’t have any awards and haven’t participated in competitions but I have activities that I have stuck with for 10+ years and a few leadership positions.