Wondering what is the general stats of people who get in? My son does not have very high GPA due to bad freshman year but rest of the stats is decent.

There’s a sticky for that:

Hi bopper! You seem so resourceful and I have a question. Is there a difference between the PPSP and 3+4 dental programs with Case? Are these stats applicable to candidates who applied to Case/Case dental program ?

I think in general on this forum when people say PPSP then mean the BS/MD program. …but really PPSP at Case has a number of Pre-Professional Scholar Programs, including Dental.

I think the stats I gave are pertinent to the medical program. Would suggest contacting your admissions counselor to see if they could share info.

@bopper how are the interviews at PPSP generally? Intense? Medicine related or more personal? Also, how much does the admissions committee value a well rounded student vs students with the highest scores/publications etc? DS has been selected as this year’s finalist.

We rely on you all to come back and post here for the next year’s students :slight_smile:

The following may be helpful:

General CWRU medical school questions:

Also search in for 'interview questions"

@bopper @dolphin2015
What type of questions are asked during Group interview sessions of the PPSP Case interview ? Ethical Or Health System or public health related or completely hypothetical ?

I got interview invite on feb 1st.

@DroneFly I have no insight into that. I am just an alumna.
Could you report back when you take the interview and let us know?


Do you mind publishing your stats/telling us how it went? My son is crossing fingers, toes, eyes he gets an interview next year! Loved Case when we visited!

Could anyone post tips for the PPSP medical school interview from previous years?

From a former applicante:

CWRU’s interview comprised of a couple of different formats. one format was a group interview - a couple of interviewers interviewing a group of 6-8 applicants (each applicant would answer a question that was asked). another format include a group interaction - a group of several applicants were given the task of explaining something to the rest of the applicants via a presentation.

Wondering what type of questions are being asked during group interview for PPSP medical?

Can some one give any info of PPSP interview process

Hello! Could you give some insight on what the virtual interview was like? I am in the process of preparing Thank you so much :slight_smile: