CWRU RD Class of 2025

CWRU RD Class of 2025

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When do the decisions come out?

March 20th, according to the portal.

My daughter was deferred EA (nursing) - she switched to RD so now we wait.

Case Website says On or About March 20…i have noticed it is usally “about 2 days later” although March20 is a Saturday and they like to put out decisions not during school time

did any of you get an email about “future doctors looking out for…” because when you click on the header picture, it takes me to the admitted students page and tells me to deposit the enrollment amount…i’m so confused because theres nothing on my applicant portal

I think its a technical glitch!

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@bopper Would you know what is the cost of the Health plan offered fo CWRU students?

I think this would give you an idea

@bopper I Thank you for your answer. It is a 49-page long brochure but I just would like to have an idea of the basic cost for an year for one student. Why is this information not easily displayed?

It’s on their cost of attendance page - this year it’s $1,367 per semester. I’d link but don’t think it’s allowed on this site. If you go to their main COA page and then click on the reveal a detailed account - you’ll see the cost of the medical plan.

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@Darcy123 Thank you so much. That was very helpful.

It is at Undergraduate Tuition & Fees | Student Financial Services | Case Western Reserve University

Have any RD applicants heard anything from CWRU?

If I’m not mistaken, RD decisions are out on March 20th.

Did anyone else’s admission counselor change? Mine was a woman now it is a man lol. I’m from NJ idk if that has anything to do with it.

Yes, it is now JPO.

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The portal shows March 27th for anticipated regular decision notification date. I thought it was March 20th as well.

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We also had it as March 20, but no it seems March 27

Hi. Asian male from NY with SAT of 1500 and GPA of 3.92 UW (I go to a rigorous private high school that weight’s GPA’s weirdly). I exhausted my school’s curriculum by taking 10 AP classes and 7 honors classes. Case Western has always been one of my top choices, and I am really hoping I can get in there for Regular Decision. My school is a notorious hotspot for students applying to case western and for students getting accepted who are obviously interested. I am at the top of my class in terms of academics (not the valedictorian though). I hope @bopper can answer this question: Is there a big difference in acceptance for students between Early Action and Regular Decision applicants? You see, I would have 100% applied Early Action, if it weren’t for my choice to apply into the PPSP program three weeks later. PPSP applicants are not able to apply Early Action and simultaneously apply to the PPSP under Regular Decision. Unfortunately, I got denied from the PPSP program, and I opted in to Case under the regular decision program as one of my top choices. I did everything I could to learn and realize that case is one of my top choices: Optional student interview, met with an admissions counselor in spring of last year, and attended information sessions, etc. I really honestly hope I don’t get waitlisted cuz I applied Regular Decision instead of Early Action.

Yeah March 27th is the date!

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