CWRU withdraws application for unsubscribing from their emails

I just got this email from Case Western:

We recently noticed that you unsubscribed from receiving communications from Case Western Reserve University. We take that as an indication you no longer wish to be considered for admission to CWRU and are withdrawing your application for admission.
If this is not the case and you still wish to be considered for admission to CWRU for the fall of 2022, reply to this message or email no later than Monday, Feb. 21. If we do not hear from you by that time, we will close your admission file and withdraw your application to CWRU.
We hope you remain interested in pursuing your admission candidacy to Case Western Reserve University, but if not, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

I’m probably just going to withdraw the application myself. I’ve never heard of colleges doing this before.


Why would you unsubscribe from a school you’re interested in attending?


Wow! That is so terrible for them to even do so. Schools are resorting to scary tactics.


CWRU bombards you with emails almost every other day. So, I can totally relate to unsubscribing.


Applicant interest is considered as part of the admissions process. You’re basically telling them “I’m not interested in you” and they’re listening.


There’s a long thread out there on yield management.

This would be a prime example - the “assumption” you won’t attend so this is a way to keep their yield a bit higher.

If you want out, I’d ask for your application fee back :slight_smile: I mean, you paid to get a decision!!!


Wow! Never saw something like this!


Actually the poster probably did not pay a deposit. CWRU sent fee waivers to many students as part of the emails that they sent. It is also a school that looks at demonstrated emails such as clicking through the emails and opening them. To unsubscribe while in process with the school does suggest no longer being interested. In fact my daughter after an ED acceptance and pulling her app from all schools has one school that doesn’t believe she isn’t coming. She will unsubscribe to them to try and get them to understand.


Nope, I paid the application fee.

This is an awful look on Case’s part.


Oh wow re paying the deposit. I know a lot of people here in Miami that didn’t know the school but applied when they received the fee waiver and the no sup essay after hearing my daughter was going. That tactic does work. I am guessing you unsubscribed due to their persistent email collections? It’s funny, I actually read the bulk emails since my daughter had them come to us too. They are targeted based on your application. So before applying they were generic. Once applied they actually hit only the departments and majors she was interested in. It’s a different way to market and pretty overwhelming but still interesting.

Deposit? Or application fee? There IS a difference.

I saw this on Reddit. A “you need to accept our spam or you can’t apply” implication does not reflect well on the school.


Application fee. Typo from me.


My opinion.

If you are interested in this college, let them know…and re-subscribe to their emails. You don’t have to read them all…but unsubscribing does send the message that you don’t want to hear anything from them and have no interest in anything they want to send to you.

I would imagine that any info about admissions or financial aid would be “communications” as well. So…if you want to know…opt in.


Understood- common sense- never unsubscribe from a college of interest.

There have been so many threads and speculations on Case’s approach to demonstrated interest. This really seals the deal.

I have mixed feelings about Case’s marketing tactics, but even for admitted students, it’s difficult to “feel the love” after a move like this.


I think this example is why it’s important to set up a college only email. We started with 110 schools that I signed up for her to get emails. but I would unsubscribe my daughter as we eliminated some. I would monitor the emails. Mark ones she needed to see and once a week she’d go in and check.

If you have emails coming to your personal email, you can’t avoid them.

If you set up a college recruitment email address, you can manage it to the level you personally desire. And mom and dad can help.


Another example is I know someone who missed an invite for one of the bigger merit scholarships at U Miami.


Yes, the emails all start to blend together. The kids cannot prioritize the volume.

I had to help D21 delete things and identify things that needed action at this point in the year. She absolutely missed some requests or invites to things.


As an alumni interview, I know that some of my interview invites get lost to the great email abyss. I actually wonder how much longer email will be the main way of contact. It really isn’t the way high schoolers communicate. I know some schools are now using texting as a way to share important information though this one is a little crazy too. My daughter’s phone which is away during class receives lots of texts from universities while she is in class. Doesn’t seem like the right thing either.

My personal favorite is the phone calls from VCU including the accidental acceptance call they sent to the entire database in October. This was followed by a sorry we meant to suggest you visit us and apply. Still cannot figure out how to stop them from calling.