D3 / IVY 2024 swimming athlete recruiting

This group aims to support athletes applying to swimm at academically competitive D3 / Ivy Schools in the freshman class of 2024.

Input welcomed from current/former athlete swimmers, parents, and coaches at D3 (NESCAC, Centennial, UAA) & IVY Schools.

Before the application process for the freshman class of 2023 is complete, the athletic recruiting season for the freshman class of 2024 is already kicking into full gear, with email contacts, videos, swim times, and later on visits, pre-reads, commitments, Letter of Intents (where applicable), and hopefully admissions for all of you.

During the forthcoming 6-10 months, we hope this forum will help most of you with suggestions, real life data, and general help in your journey.

  • what’s the best way to establish contact with coaches?

  • what should the swimmer profile absolutely contain to attract a coach’s interest?

  • what are the best times to visit colleges/coaches in Spring/Summer 2023?

  • what are the critical pieces of information college coaches need to assign a pre-read, and by when?