Danceeee :)

<p>Hey! So Im a junior in high school and Im narrowing down my choices for college
My top 5 right now are (in no perticular order)
University of Georgia
University of Florida
University of South Carolina
Florida State University
Valdosta State University (in Georgia)</p>

<p>But my question is about the standards of getting in and my chances. I have been trained in tap jazz lyrical and musical theatre since the age of 4. I only recently took up ballet a few years ago because my studio is more of a musical theatre dance based studio.
So I dont have the best technique but I have the passion. How badly would the lack of technique effect me. I mean, I can dance.... Im just not going to the best from the technical point of view. Any views about how this could damage my chances?
Thankyou :)</p>

<p>It's my understanding that Florida State is very selective. I know of 2 dancers who were accepted there, and both have very strong technique.</p>

<p>I know that Univ. of South Carolina lets you specify when you audition which major you are applying for... ballet, contemporary, or dance education. The ballet major is the largest and most selective, so with your training background you would probably have a better chance at being accepted as a contemporary or education major. Not that you couldn't be accepted into the ballet program, of course, even though you got a later start on ballet training.</p>

<p>Univ. of Georgia also has ballet and contemporary tracks in their dance major, although after acceptance you are assigned to the track the faculty thinks suits you best rather than choosing for yourself before the audition. Georgia has a much stronger focus on contemporary dance than on ballet. They also teach aerial dance, which is not something I've seen in other college dance programs my daughter considered. Also something to think about -- UGA's overall admissions have gotten more selective because of budget cuts. I know of a couple of great dancers who didn't make the cut academically. </p>

<p>I know nothing about University of Florida or Valdosta State programs since they were not on our list.</p>