Dartmouth Cuts 5 Varsity Teams


It seems that it will be a trend for colleges to cut teams to save money as a result of the pandemic.

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Not convinced it is only a cost saving measure. The Ivies and elite LACs recruit too many athletes as a percentage of their Freshman classes, and are heavy on slots available for very niche sports. I think it is an opportunity for them to reduce their athletic recruitment slots, especially for sports that are tilted toward high socioeconomic strata.

IDK. Brown is cutting 11 teams but said that they are not cutting the number of recruits. I can see cutting niche teams, particularly, as is the case with some of Stanford’s cuts, where there are few opponents in their league. But swimming? Not really niche and not limited to high SES

Nothing to add to the conversation, but good to see you back @skieurope!

I expect other schools to follow suit. Especially if the revenue deficits continue into 2021. A lot of these athletic programs don’t generate any revenue, and generally decrease diversity. So it makes sense. But athletics are at the core of the Ivy mission, so I was honestly surprised.