Dartmouth RD 2025

Official thread for students applying RD to Dartmouth class of 2025…


Hi, after getting deferred from Cornell I’m applying to Dartmouth as an Econ major. Should I put a 2nd major, does that help with admissions or whatever?

I think you should put a sceond major.

Has anyone been called for interviews yet?

I had my interview today at 9:30 AM and was reached out to last Monday. Pretty sure they’re doing it on a rolling basis so I’m sure you’ll get an email soon.

I haven’t received an invitation to interview yet… Should I be worried? How many people receive interviews? Is not receiving one a sure sign of rejection? I’m stressing out hahaha

Dartmouth tries to offer interviews to all students, but they’re offered only if alumni are available to do them. If a student isn’t offered an interview, it simply means that no one was available to do it. If a student is offered an interview later than someone else, it simply means that the local alumni acted more slowly to arrange the interviews. Bottom line: whether (and when) you get an interview is completely unrelated to your chance of admission. This is true, to my knowledge, for most top colleges that rely on alumni to do interviews.


It’s way too early to start stressing dude lol


So true. I see people in other forums flipping out but tbh if you’ve submitted everything and are just waiting for an interview or already had an interview there’s no reason to kill yourself over the application now that it’s done.

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@letsgoivy My DS applied RD 2025 to Dartmouth and hasn’t gotten anything for an interview yet either. I am sure they are slammed with so many applications it will take a while to sort through, contact alum and reach out to students to arrange an interview. Remember, for the class of 2024 they had over 21,000 applications to review - Class of 2024 Profile. They aren’t going to be able to set up that many interviews so don’t panic if you didn’t get one. Keep thinking positive…maybe they were so impressed with your application they don’t need to interview you because they already know how much they want you as a member of their community.


How do you know they received so many applications? Did they make an announcement?

@harrya They post their yearly statistics on their website. Click this link to view the statistics for the class of 2024 Class Profile & Testing | Dartmouth Admissions.

Thank you, but I know that. I meant for the 2025 number of applicants.

Unfortunately, I don’t think they will publish complete stats until the admissions cycle for 2025 is complete. The stats for ED for 2025 is here Dartmouth Notifies Early Decision Students of Their Admission | Dartmouth News though from what I can tell.

Any interview requests?

I had my interview three days after the application deadline (I submitted the night of the application deadline). Alumni reach out to the applicant.

I had an alumni reach out to me via email for an interview on 12/29/2020, not even a full day after I submitted my application. Interviews are regional, meaning that it likely has more to do with the amount of people that graduated from Dartmouth in your general vicinity relative to the amount of people applying in that same vicinity than it has to do with your chances of admission. Don’t freak out if you haven’t gotten an interview!!

Accepted ED applicant here! I didn’t have my interview until about a week before decisions came out in December. I was extremely worried about not getting an interview, but it all ended up working out. So don’t stress if you don’t have an interview yet!


Ivy Day has been announced as April 6. Likely the result of an increase in applications.


Good heavens!! The stress!