Dartmouth Regular Decision Fall 2022 Admissions

no, my daughter did not request an interview.

4.0 UW, 4.8 W, most rigor (IB Diploma), 1550 SAT, spike in math and passionate community activism


My daughter applied RD to Dartmouth, Cornell, UPenn, and Yale. She’s had interviews with the first 3 but has not heard from Yale. Her Dartmouth interview was with a current senior at Dartmouth over zoom. She heard from UPenn the day after she submitted her application and Dartmouth within the week. Cornell she heard around the end of January. But it sounds like it’s very much based on alum availability in your area and there’s still a few more weeks to be contacted. I think they go until March.

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My D22 has applied to 6 Ivy, and she’s had interviews with all, except Dartmouth.

Would you mind sharing which ones has she had interviews with?

Harvard, Yale, Brown, Cornell and UPenn


D had interview with Penn and Dartmouth a while ago. Harvard this weekend. No word from Yale or Columbia. Had 4 with non Ivies. Don’t think these interviews really help in admission, but she has certainly benefited from the experience.

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My child finally got the Dartmouth interview request today. So they are still going out. This one is late compared to Yale, Stanford, Harvard, and Columbia. But happy to have it!

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Still nothing here yet. Funny thing is, she used to get one or two emails a week from Dartmouth for months and still gets occasional mail from them (their magazine), but since she hit submit on her application it’s a wall of silence, she has received two emails within the first two days: the "we received your app: email, and the email about the peer recommendation. Not a single other email. Out of curiosity - what part of the country are you in?

Same here :slight_smile:


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Brown does not offer alumni interviews for the 2021-22 admission cycle.


Sorry, you’re correct. I got confused with other college, too many of them…

just received interview request today!


Thanks for clarifying, I thought I had read that about Brown….but then wasn’t sure.

My daughter received her interview request last week so they are still sending those out.

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My D22 just received an interview request today, we’re in CA.


regarding alumni interviews… I will shed some light on the “behind-the-scene” process…

Basically, the dispatcher of each area gets the list of applicants from the admission office. He or she will then assign the applicants to different alumni for interviewing.

Depending on how many applicants each area gets, and how many alumni are available to interview, some may get notification quicker than the others… (some may never get an interview).

It has nothing to do with the applicant’s standing on the applications… more on whether there are enough alumni in the areas to conduct the interviews.

So, if you haven’t received a notification, be patient. If you don’t get an interview, then do not worry… it has nothing to do with you as an applicant, more like there simply aren’t enough alumni available to go around and help interviewing.


We are CA too. No word on interview. Only one S22 hasn’t interviewed at so far.

S22 called admissions office on Wednesday about not getting interview. Alumni request today. Not sure if that’s the reason, or just late…

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