Dartmouth Regular Decision Fall 2022 Admissions

Applying to Dartmouth in 2022? Here’s the thread for you to connect with other Dartmouth applicants and share stats, news or admissions updates.

How do your stats compare to the students accepted last year? Take a look at the info below and then share your stats, activities and more.

Dartmouth 2021 Admissions Statistics
Admitted Students in Top 10% of Graduating Class 92.8%
Mean SAT Score 1482
Admissions Test Policy Submitting test scores is optional
Applicants Submitting SATs 57%
Applicants Submitting ACTs 43%
Waitlist Yes

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Hi - Happy New Year . Quick question . D22 submitted RD app. Peer recommendation is pending completion. Does Dartmouth provide any grace period during which peer recommendation can be submitted or is the deadline same as RD deadline ? Thanks

Hi, they are nice enought to be clear about this on their website (some schools aren’t!):

Good luck! Definitely try to get a peer rec in to show what kind of person and friend the candidate is.

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Anyone had a Dartmouth alumni interview? Any tips?

I just had mine on Friday, I scheduled it about a week and a half ago

Did they email you ?

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Hi, have any international students received an interview invite?

Yes! my interviewer emailed me on 1/15 to schedule a date that worked for us

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We are in TX. my daughter had hers last week.

Haven’t heard anything from D since submitting other than thank you for applying. Also in TX.

Should be coming in soon.

So only two people have said they have had interviews with Dartmouth. On the other Ivy threads a lot more people have posted that they have received interviews. Does Dartmouth just not interview very many?

Great question. My dd had interviews with Harvard, Dartmouth, Cornell (informative interview) and Princeton. No interview with Yale.

I am not putting much weight on the interviews. The level of applicants is extremely high so I am already preparing for the rejections. I am not pessimistic, just realistic. Too many dogs and not very many bones. :joy:

My S22 did interview with Dartmouth in November (and was accepted ED). I think there just isn’t as much Dartmouth activity here on CC compared to other schools for whatever reason. I do believe they interview as many as they can and I think the interviewers fill out reports that they send to admissions but I don’t know how those reports are weighed.

My S was contacted by the interviewer in early November and they set it up right away. He said it was a great, interactive conversation with no particularly difficult questions - she just seemed to want to learn about him and seemed to like hearing about his activities and what he is passionate about.

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Dartmouth was the only Ivy offering tours this summer and my D really enjoyed the tour and loved the campus and the town. It was a good experience. Was hoping for a nice interview to go along with it.

Congratulations on the acceptance!

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Glad to hear - seems like a beautiful area. Thank you and good luck to your D!!

Congratulations, please share his stats

DS was contacted by Dartmouth to set up an interview. Not sure for when has he has set it.

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We applied late in the game. Was he supposed to request an interview? My apologies if this question has already be asked and answered.