Dartmouth says they've received some financial aid forms that I never filled out? (ED 2025)

so I was doomscrolling on CC and reddit bc the ed notif date is really close and some prospective '25s were freaking out about how either the financial aid portal dates changed or that new info was requested so I rechecked my own financial aid portal and:

  1. My Custodial Parents’ 2019 Federal W-2 Form(s) appeared as 12/3 which I’m pretty sure was a date change. Does a date change mean anything with regards to getting accepted/deferred since the financial aid office probably wouldn’t get the green light to continue processing documents unless I had some promise?
  2. Dartmouth marked my federal verification form and non-filer statement (parent) as “received” but when I clicked into the forms they were both Dartmouth-specific pdfs and like my parents and I had never filled them out at all??? why is there a green check next to these forms instead of the red x? is it a glitch? idk if that means Dartmouth is going to reject me anyway so they don’t rly care if my forms are submitted for real. is anyone else having this issue?

FA and admissions offices are separate. A change (or no change) to FA documents is not a foreshadowing of admissions decisions.

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Yes it’s a very good sign. I got the same update on the same day as you and I have checked all past threads. All of them get in. This just means the financial aid office is preparing your aid package. They are not separate offices for internationals atleast

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yeahhh esp since i’m a domestic applicant oops but I’m so confused about why they said they have my forms tho i’ll still call the financial aid office just in case it’s a mistake

ah i forgot to mention that I’m a domestic applicant tho lol it’s ok good for u!!