Dartmouth Transfer 2020 Thread

Hello everyone,
I was wondering whether anyone was able to add Dartmouth on their common app.

According to admissions, Dartmouth will not be using the Common App for transfer applicants this year. They said they will be using a separate application that will be available in January and the deadline remains the same, March 1st.

Dartmouth maybe releasing decision next week…last yr it was May 8

Think the virus will change anything?

@fairmountkid It is possible for them to enroll more transfer students, but who knows.

Any guesses on when we’ll hear back?

I was under the impression it would be the 14th of may, however I don’t remember where I saw that and can’t find that date anywhere, so I feel I may have fabricated that date

Last year decisions came out on May 9

I am absolutely riddled with stress, anyone heard anything?

I have yet to hear anything, but I wish you the best and I wouldn’t worry too much. I’m sure they’re quite overloaded with the COVID situation.

Oh yeah for sure, I can’t imagine it’s easy. Just stressed. Best to you as well!

Any news on when we’ll hear?

Haven’t heard anything.

I think it’s kind of unfair of them to not send an email with an update or something…


I’ve called multiple times throughout the last month and they change their answer every time. Today they said that they’re hoping to release decisions by early next week.

Do you think they are still making decisions or last minute decisions?

Just called today and was told they’re still making decisions. This is unfortunate because the deadline to accept admission and pay the non-refundable enrollment deposit at my second choice where I was accepted (UVA) is today.

I’ll keep you guys posted on when I hear back.

Guess we aren’t hearing today either : /

Anyone have any idea when we will hear?