Dartmouth Transfer Fall 2021

Hey guys, I haven’t seen a thread for Fall 2021 transfer admissions to Dartmouth, so I thought I’d create one.

Feel free to share your stats if you want. Looking forward to interacting with you all!


Did you submit a peer rec with your application?

have they released a date when admission decisions are supposed to be released?

early may apparently

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Thank you for starting the thread, and good luck! Hope we hear soon and also really hope to meet you there if we all get in. :relaxed::heart:

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Portal down

is it rolling admission?

No idea. This is what appears now:

Your application period is over, and the information previously available here is no longer accessible. Please check the Dartmouth Admissions Website which will provide information about this year’s application process.

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I’m still seeing my checklist and everything appears normal when I log in on my phone. Maybe I should try signing in on my laptop?

me too I just called the office and they said it is not rolling admission and they are sticking with the mid may time frame

My portal and checklist are now back up too. Maybe it was a glitch or they were updating their portal?

Oh okay, phew! Yeah, I’ve tried mine and it appears normal on the laptop as well. I guess the waiting game continues… xD

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down again

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I think they’re definitely working on something. I also got a weird error message like 2-3 minutes ago and it was back up again hahaha

Edit: It appears normal on my end as of now!

For me it’s normal on my phone but showing the “application period is over” message on my computer. Could be because I was messing with the portal on my computer and tried to access my previous E.D. application.

showing normal for me

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