Dartmouth Waitlist 2024

Hi everyone! I didn’t see a thread for the waitlist, so I thought I’d start one!

While many colleges have started early, has anyone received confirmation or communication from Dartmouth?

Nope! Nothing from me. Dartmouth doesn’t usually use their waitlist (at least for the past couple of years). Crossing my fingers that this year is different!

I heard that one waitlist kid was contacted by the admissions office but it might not be true

When you guys sent in your LOCI, did you get a response from the admissions office? I never did which made me a bit worried.

@Mathpersonokayno Did u hear this from word of mouth or online (reddit, in a groupchat, facebook group, etc.) if u don’t mind sharing

@prefroshxo I saw it in a reddit sub but they weren’t specific as to what kind of communication they received so I didn’t think much of it!

Dartmouth is so odd. Michigan, uchi, and several other schools had large waves of early waitlist acceptances due to corona but I haven’t heard much regarding Ivy League. You’d think that they’ll have to activate the waitlist for at least SOME kids this year lol

@stultussum actually there has been ivy movement. Cornell and Brown have already activated the waitlist as well as other top schools like tufts, unc, uva, and wake forest but my guess is that since dartmouth is considerably smaller and doesn’t require a tuition downpayment, they’re seeing a slightly higher yield.

Duke has now also activated its waitlist. Fingers crossed! I have made a deposit at Rice, but am still hoping for an acceptance at Dartmouth. I already sent my LOCI, but now have received a notice of graduation and an additional award. Should I contact them regarding these updates, or just wait?

I got off at Dartmouth! so excited!!!

just for reference, they called and were pretty vague but they asked me if I was still interested in getting off and said for me to let them know after I had the discussion /w the family

@honestlyidek Thats amazing!! What time and day were you called?

Congratulations!!! Do you mind telling everyone what your LOCI was like? Or anything about your waitlisting? Thank you so much!!! Congrats again!

Stanford and Princeton have taken people off the waitlist.

Since there is no reason to think honestlyidk is lying, we know two things:

  1. Breaking a three year streak of taking no one off of the waitlist, Dartmouth has activated its waitlist.
  2. Dartmouth activated its waitlist even before the end of day, May 1. Which means that though they could still get more enrollments before midnight, the number of rejections or requests for gap years must have been significant enough to know they could offer admission to at least one person off of the waitlist. I suspect we will see a few more posts soon.

@potatohead111 Yes, ofc!! My LOCI was a one-page letter (was originally like two pages but I thought that was too long). I just started by talking about how I was excited to still have the possibility of attending and also how it was disappointing.

I talked about the stuff I have been working on since I applied and my summer plans (if quarantine is lifted). I also talked about how I have been reading and keeping informed outside of the online classroom. I brought up specific research pieces from Dartmouth professors and how that tied into why I thought Dartmouth was the perfect school for me.

In my last two paragraphs, I talked about courses, activities, and research, I would like to get involved in on campus. I gave specific examples of research topics and my career goals (very specific topic).

To conclude, I said how Dartmouth is my top school and how I would commit if accepted (given finances and everything work out).

I called them and emailed my counselor like twice after accepting the waitlist (about two weeks apart each).

In terms of other waitlists, I have heard back from three others already. I am assuming a lot of the top schools are going to be pulling from the waitlist.

@xlandke I heard yesterday around 4:45 PM. I think they will continue to pull people off cause 1) not everyone taken off will accept and 2) May 1 has not passed.

Lmk if anyone has any other questions.

@honestlyidek Thank you so much for your LOCI insight! Is there any way you can PM (for help)? Thank you!

I sent my loci 2-3 weeks ago, never gotta response. I know that’s the case for many others too.

@just_anthonie same case for me. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Wow!! Congrats!! If possible, is there any way I can PM you?