Daughter accepted for Fall 2021

I was surprised she heard so quickly! She applied the first week of August and was accepted to her first choice major (Bioinformatics) about 3 weeks later. She did not submit test scores…but I think she is going to submit her test scores from 10th grade (not very good, but the only ones she’s been able to take) in order to get a scholarship.

Her GPA is a 3.77/3.83W (Tons of honors classes but her school barely weights them) and she is currently taking calculus as a dual enrollment student with Penn State. Moderate EC’s. Great essay. We didn’t submit teacher recs.

My two other kids have gone to Penn State (as did her father and I) but this one seems to have more adventure in mind (we live in PA). She still has to hear from Penn State, Michigan State and University of New Hampshire but ASU is a top choice at this point because they have bioinformatics which none of the other schools have, and they offer a 5 year masters in many programs she is interested in.

If anyone has any info on the bioinformatics program, please share!

@jlhpsu - Congrats! Does your daughter have any AP credits? If so, ASU has a generous program that can make a 4+1 into a 3+1. I would also suggest looking into Barrett Honors College.

Weather is definitely going to be different. “It’s a dry heat” doesn’t always help when its 115 during the day cooling into the 90’s at night. At least everything is air conditioned.

My son is in the Computer Science program. He is my second kid at ASU, so I have general knowledge about the campus and some of the schools. The BMI program is at Tempe, so that simplifies a lot of things. For most courses, there will be a lot of flexibility on scheduling for at least the first two years. Upper division usually has fewer sections, so that restricts some of the scheduling. The Academic Advising staff is great.

My daughter got in today, so happy. No SAT score, good essay.

@gosimoes - that is great news. I have my second DS there as a junior. let me know if you have any questions.