Davidson Class of 2026 - Fall 2022 Admission

Applying to Davidson in 2022? The deadline is coming up on January 11th. Decisions are expected on or before April 1st. Last year, decisions were released on March 20th.

This is a space for the class of 2026 to connect with other applicants to ask questions, share stats, news or admissions updates.

Just got an email to my junk mail (lol) that I was accepted!



March 26th at 10am edt :slight_smile:

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Please, has everyone received the decisions email and what was it phrased like?

Pretty standard and generic. Here’s what we got:


Hello from Davidson! The admission committee has enjoyed getting to know you through your application over the past months and will share your admission decision on Saturday, March 26 at 10:00 am EDT. You’ll be able to access your decision in your applicant portal.

If you have enrolled at another college or university through an Early Decision program or already committed elsewhere, please let us know where you will be attending and we will make the necessary updates to your record. If you have any questions please contact us at admission@davidson.edu.

Take care,

The Davidson Admission & Financial Aid Team"

Any common data sets for Davidson?

Can anyone register for admitted students events? I tried and it worked but I don’t know if it is a bug or if it means something.

Did you register through the calendar?


Son waitlisted

I got in!!


Our daughter got in!


Fin aid allowed for less cost than UNC in state. Amazing.


If anyone has updated admission statistics (acceptance rate, average sat, etc.) please let me know.

Same here! Davidson comes out cheaper than UGA as an instate with a full tuition scholarship!

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Congrats. Hard decision for me but grateful.

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Last year acceptance rate was 17.8%, SAT was 1410, ACT was 32, and more than 70% of students were in top 10% of graduating class.

Anyone familiar with Davidson? How is the campus climate for a quirky kid who isn’t into sports or Greek life?