Davidson RD 2024

Hello no one has started this yet so I thought id get it going.
Anyone have an approx. release date for RD?

No idea. But, I am excited.

Me too. I wish I knew. I’ve watched a few YouTube videos and some decisions came out March 22, but last year I think they came out March 20. I think I saw somewhere that someone emailed the admissions, and they gave an official date (other than April 1). And they notify you early if you are nominated for a scholarship.

They will be out on March 21st at 10

Oh sweet

What’s the source for that information?

It’s on the portal

Has anyone been notified about a scholarship?

My son got an email yesterday. It said that RD would be available on the portal March 21st 10pm.

The anticipation is killing me…Saturday couldn’t come slower!! I got a notification that I was not a finalist for the Pepper Visual Arts Scholarship, but I am still trying to remain hopeful :slight_smile:

Best of luck to everyone on here tomorrow. My son applied. Excited to see what happens.

So nervous, I can really use an acceptance right now… Good luck to everyone!

Good luck today everyone!! Go Cats!

Good Luck everyone!!!

Good luck to all! We could really use an acceptance. So far almost all have been waitlist. Very discouraging.

Us too. Same boat.

My D got accepted! Wow lots of tears here. Just under “6,000 students applying for 520 places”. She’s incredibly grateful. In a year when our seniors are under so much stress: no graduation ceremony, no prom, no senior trip…This has been the most difficult college admissions process yet IMHO. And I have two other kids who have been through it. Good luck to everyone with this process at such an incredibly difficult time.

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My D20 got waitlisted…oh well…congratulations to all who got accepted.


SAT 1480
SAT II—Math 2 750, Biology 710
Seven AP’s—4s and 5s
Waitlisted at UNC Chapel Hill and UVA; deferred from EA at Duke
Accepted to U of South Carolina Honors, Clemson, and Baylor

So relieved.