davidson without steph

<p>how do you think the atmosphere will change on campus now that steph's gone? do you think it will be appreciable? will school spirit take a hit?</p>

<p>I know that Davidson basketball has ALWAYS been popular, even before Steph got here. It's historically the best team in SoCon, probably, and we have three new recruits coming that sound AWESOME. I saw them at a FIJI party the night of Decision Davidson. They're all properly tall...one of them might have been seven feet! That'll be good, because we're kinda lackin' in the height. </p>

<p>The thing about Davidson and school spirit...Davidson students are very spirited, anyway. No one is upset when we lose...we just like the experience of going to the games and cheering on our friends. Randomly, I know well over half the basketball team, and I don't really even like basketball, but I went to all the the home games and some away games, too. I really just wanted to see my friends play...and that's the general attitude. We're loud at games :)
If it takes a hit...it'll be minor, I suspect.</p>

<p>haha yeah i'd suspect that the national reputation and spotlight will obviously take a hit unless another star pops up, but i get the feeling that the spirit was already there before him</p>