Deal with THOSE types of teachers?

<p>I need advice on how to deal with annoying teachers.</p>

<p>Okay so here is the deal my newspaper teacher is very umm moody. In fact many people call here a certain word that means female dog. Anyway she ALWAYS has something negative to say about all the kids in the school, and she practically hates everything and makes it known by complaining about it. Many people are quitting her classes next year because of this (this includes me) but I don't know how I can even survive the rest of the semester with her! </p>

<p>Any advice?</p>

<p>Brings back good ol' band memories. My teacher was a name that describes a certain part of male anatomy. You can:</p>

<p>1)Do what I did and constantly get into arguments w/ them and hope that they won't do anything about it cause you're indispensible and they're all talk. (thank god I was right.)</p>

<p>2) Stay quiet, and try to kiss up every now and then. (i would have sooner died than done this)</p>

<p>Nope not working everyday it gets worse.</p>

<p>oh, memories...painful memories. :( i dealt with this last year. this teacher was a "female dog" to a T. i'd rather not go into details - i'll end up going into a rage and go off on a ridiculously long tangent on how much of a b-word she was. i'll just say that she was a rude, irritable, miserable, impatient, hypocritical, bi-polar bigot who pretty much disliked everyone who wasn't hispanic, especially the muslims in our class (sucked for me because i'm black). </p>

<p>so here's what we did: we told the kids who would have her class the following year about how horrible she was. they were so horrified that they even wrote a petition to our counselors to make them not take her class. </p>

<p>unfortunately, because they are a bunch of nazis, our counselors made those poor kids take her class and suffer what we suffered. but at least we let some people know how much of a b-word that teacher was. and i hope those kids do the same so those nazis of counselors we have that that that teacher was really a quintessential teacher from hell and it wasn't just us with the problem. </p>

<p>hopefully, OP, your school is less of a police state than my school and you will be able to really get back at that teacher. good luck (you'll need it).</p>

<p>All I do is just put them in their place. I can't have a teacher treating me like I'm less than, so I just argue with them until they know that I'm not one for them to be copping an attitude with. After that, it's fine, and usually they'll start being nice.
That's what I did with my math teacher last semester, and now we're 100% cool.</p>

<p>I had a substitution who basically "generalized" high schooler. "Walking slow down the hallway. Being late to class." One student says something about coming all the way from the farthest corner of the building. The sub say: "Maybe, but that not why you were late. Ya'll be talking to your friends in the hallway."(while it may have being true she was referring to the bunch of us). And also we were like across the hallway from the bathroom and literally right out the door from the water fountain and she didn't even let us leave... Some tries to say something but she gave up unfortunely.</p>

<p>@jonnathan I probably will do the same.</p>