Dealing with debate


If you want folks to see this…this is not the area in which to post it. Even though you pinned it so it comes up on latest threads, there are many who don’t read things that are not in forums you frequent.

Is there any way you can do a banner with a link to them on every forum asking folks to please read?


Slow mode doesn’t allow for editing of any posts. While there may be reasons for that, it seems unnecessarily restrictive.


Huh. That’s interesting. I’ll look into that and see if we can change that behavior. I’d really prefer to have people edit their posts when they notice something wrong.


Guessing that the reason it does not allow editing is that editing can be a way to get around the slow mode restriction.

But can it be set so that while in slow mode, edits are allowed, but an edit counts as a post for the purpose of the time between posts?

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That would be helpful. As it currently is, there seemed to be no way to edit a post in a slow mode thread… at all.

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How long now is the time period after which post edits are no longer allowed?

15 minutes I think.

30 minutes for new users. 30 days for members and senior members.

I am a senior member, and am not able to edit my posts up to 30 days later. I just checked a few of my posts, and there is no Edit button available.

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Same here.

And honestly, 30 days feels kind of excessive, if that were the case. One day (which I think is longer than the current window I have anyway)? Sure. But 30 days opens things up to shenanigans.

I apparently gave outdated info; it looks like Mike tightened the window for members and senior members, so I’ll let Jon address.

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Looks like editing is disabled after a few days (or at the most after a week)?

@CC_Jon please address this and other changes the membership isn’t aware of. An enlightened membership is the best kind of membership, correct?


I removed the restriction for editing posts in slow mode. It wasn’t a blanket restriction, but the time limits made it much harder to edit than normal in slow mode. If we see any problems with the new setting, I might need to revert the change.

I summarized the current editing restrictions in a new thread: When can I edit my posts?


And I saw a message that said it was too late to edit the post that was posted 3 days ago.

Well, thanks for lifting the edit restriction, but its 3 days later and it now says too bad, so sad… too late to edit! :exploding_head: Why not drop from 30 days editing window (I agree thats long) to maybe a week for senior members?? Not just a day.

Slow mode is the best thing that has been brought to this forum, and very underutilized. Every time it is invoked, it shuts the debate down. I would argue that it should be the default mode for threads, with default timing of 24 hours, not 10 minutes or 30 minutes. There is no reason for a person to post more frequently than once per day on a topic. This would incentivize more thoughtful and reflective posts. (A word limit may also need to be implemented so people don’t post a novel.)

I agree Slow Mode is good when things get contentious but I see no need to have it for every topic. There is plenty of valuable back and forth and sharing of ideas that happens on the college specific threads.


Making everyone wait a full day to post again in any thread would be the death of CC.


For non college related threads I can see your point although 24 hours seems a bit lengthy. But in college threads it’s important to be able to engage with the OP on a more timely basis.