When can I edit my posts?

The details are subject to change, but at the moment:

  • Brand new users cannot edit their posts at all. (You have to be trust level 1.)
  • New users can edit for 30 minutes after posting.
  • Members and senior members can edit for 24 hours after posting.
  • There is a maximum number of edits allowed per day, but it’s unlikely anyone will ever reach that limit.
  • Posts in “wiki” mode can be edited by anyone with no time restrictions. (Wiki posts are occasionally used by staff for posts where the details might change over time so that anyone can fix outdated information. Example: UGA Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission)

I have removed the restrictions that might prevent edits when a thread is in “slow mode” or when a post has recently been hidden. I don’t believe there are other restrictions, but I might have missed something.

To find the edit icon, you’ll need to select the dots menu:
Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 9.38.19 AM

And if you can edit the post, you should see a pencil icon:

Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 9.37.23 AM


30 days for editing was too long, but 24 hours, particularly for senior members, seems too short. Yes I know it used to be a few minutes, but how about a week for senior members. Appreciate that you lifted the restriction fo reposts in slow mode, but the minor edit I wanted to make is 3 days old and it won’t let me. Sigh…

I have made mistakes in posts…and just posted another post in the thread saying what I intended to say. If it’s something like a word spelled wrong or punctuation or something like that, I just let it go.

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Would be easier and cleaner to be able to fix or edit the original post. No need for repetition of a post. JMO.