Deciding if CSUMB is the right school!

<p>As the time comes for college apps to be filled out, I find myself stressing increasingly about my chances of whether or not my choice colleges will accept me. I was hoping to get some feedback here. My top school is CSU Monterey Bay at the moment.
I'll start from high school... (I am now 22.)
I went to a very prestigious high school, and had good grades up until the end of my junior year in high school. This was because of an unfortunate personal incident having to do with sexual assault against me, and I seemingly could not focus on school whatsoever.
My high school did nothing to help me, and I felt too afraid to go to the police. (I went to a Christian school that told me the boy who assaulted me was too close to Jesus to have done such an awful thing. I was thrown off by the entire experience, so I simply gave up.) I did not take my SATs, and only graduated high school thinking I would attend community college and not bother with the whole University thing. I unfortunately got a couple D's while in my mind funk, but I also got passing grades (Some C's, some B's) in other classes.
After serious therapy and time went by, I decided I would not let this incident keep me from my dream of getting a degree. I transferred to a different community college to start over, and began getting good grades. (A's and B's.)
I have almost completed the AA-T program, which allows you to get your Associates degree while also getting priority transfer acceptance to a California State University. Once at a CSU, an AA-T candidate only has to finish 60 units to get their bachelors degree.
I will have my Associates in March.
The schools I'm looking at applying to are CSU Monterey Bay, CSU San Jose, CSU Sacramento. I am also looking at Minnesota colleges because I have family there and my boyfriend lives there. I'm looking at University of Minnesota along with St. Cloud State (my dad went there.)</p>

<p>Can anyone please give me feedback and tell me what my chances of getting in are?
Thank you in advance!!!</p>

<p>GPA is 2.4 overall and Major is Communications, sorry!</p>

<p>First - Great job turning things around and focusing on your future. </p>

<p>I don’t know enough about the Minnesota schools to be much help.<br>
SJSU publishes it’s GPA threshold by major every year. Here’s the link.<br>
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As you can see - a 2.4 isn’t going to do the trick for Comm Studies. </p>

<p>Assuming you are in-state, I think you’ve got a good shot at Sac and CSUMB. Every Cal CC has a designated ‘local’ CSU that will accept all transfer applicants that meet some pretty basic requirements.<br>
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There’s the list. Be sure to apply for your local campus so you can keep making progress.</p>

<p>Good luck!.</p>