Deciding on Junior Year Schedule


I am a rising junior who is looking for advice on deciding between two schedules for junior year. I feel that both would be fun and challenging, but I’m wondering which would look better for college applications (I’m aiming for upper echelon schools, prospective bioengineering or applied math major).

As a background, I have taken the most challenging classes offered at our HS and maintained a 4.0 GPA (we don’t have many APs but are rolling out more next year). Here are my freshman and sophomore schedules:

Honors English 9
Honors World History
IB Spanish SL (moved from a school that had the IBDP to one that doesn’t)
AP Calculus BC (5, AB sub: 5)
Honors Chemistry
Wind Ensemble

Honors English 10
Honors World History (semester)
Leadership (semester, I’m on ASB)
AP Spanish Lang (4 ?)
AP Physics C Mechanics (5)
AP Computer Science Principles (5, the only other AP we had that I wasn’t already taking)
Wind Ensemble
Jazz Band
I took Health, Calculus 3, Differential Equations and Statistical Methods at a local college (maintained 4.0 GPA)

Now my options for junior year:

Option 1: Take AP classes at my high school
AP English Lang
AP US History
AP Spanish Literature
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
Wind Ensemble
Jazz Band
I would take Vector Calculus and Computer Science II at a local college

Option 2: Take dual enrollment classes at a local college (on a quarter system)
English: 1 quarter of composition
History: 2 quarters of US history
Math: vector calculus, linear analysis, advanced linear algebra
Science: physics II (E&M), physics III (waves & optics), cellular biology
I would take AP Spanish Literature and Jazz Band at my high school

Any feedback would be much appreciated on either of these two schedule choices. Because I would be equally happy taking either of these course loads, I’m mainly looking for which option (AP or DE) will look best to top schools.

Thank you in advance!