Deferred from UW Madison EA 2025

We see the same thing and our friend does too

I’m an alum and the school is as stingy as they come when compared to many other comparable universities. They might have plenty of aid available for financial aid, but merit aid based on academic achievement is almost non-existent. Ohio State and Florida are examples of schools which give out much more money and so do Maryland and Indiana.

Anyone get any acceptances yet? I heard some people have already heard back.

If I got direct admit into Ohio State’s business school, does anyone think I have a chance of getting in RD after getting deferred from EA?

I don’t know anyone that’s been accepted yet I’m guessing all that will be released at 7pm Wisconsin time

On the My UW page, click the +Add to Home at the bottom left and add the app “Preparing for SOAR”. We’d heard this tip awhile ago and have been keeping an eye on it. It used to say “You do not have access to this app”. Today it says “Your access to this app is pending. You need to accept your offer of admission. Accept your offer of admission in Student Center.” It’s not official notification of acceptance, but it looks pretty good…! (Student Center still says Deferred Decision but this seems like a great sign. The Housing Link is letting us in today too instead of getting a website access error.)

Mine says I don’t have access ):

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yikes i dont have that either

No part of the Decision or Decision Letter has been updated though, so I would not give up hope. I think it is a possible sign but if it’s not there for you it may just not have loaded yet. Our last name is very early in alphabet and application was in during early October, and we are in state so there are many different factors. I think it’s just interesting to see if it ends up being something positive. We all just have to try to be patient :slight_smile:

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That’s what is says for me too. I hope that this is a good sign.

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My daughter was initially deferred but then accepted last night. The email came in close to midnight (Central time).

Does anyone have news from the Wisconsin waitlist?