Deferred from UW Madison EA 2025

Staring a new thread for students and their parents that were deferred by UW Madison during EA. My daughter is OOS from MN.

Do deferred applicants get decisions when RD decisions are released? Is that usually mid-March?

My D was deferred as well - OOS Florida. The deferral letter said end of March.

Ugh! End of March! Both my DDs got accepted into all the other schools they applied to during EA but UW remains one of the top choices for one of them (the other has already moved on and officially enrolled at a different school). Waiting for another month is going to be painful!

Someone on the UW Madison class of 2025 Decisions posted deferrals won’t hear until 4/2. Not sure how accurate that is, but it is a Friday, so makes sense. :cry:

My own son was admitted OOS, but with no financial aid or merit aid. UW is very stingy when it comes to aid, so many kids (including my own) will move on to other schools and open up a spot for someone else. If you are OOS and willing to pay full price (or the MN price), chances are very good that there will be a spot for your child at Wisco this fall if their grades are close to UW averages (and can handle the torture of waiting another month). It’s all about “enrollment management” which means squeezing the highest amount of tuition out of each year’s entering class. Sad but true!

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My son got an email saying 4/2 to release decisions. I expect it will be 8pm ish

Hi all I am an OOS student with stellar EC’s and pretty good essays. My grades are average and some are not the best due to some extenuating circumstances that I mentioned on my application’s additional info and teacher rec’s are also pretty strong.

I absolutely love UW (also willing to attend and pay full OOS tuition) but was deferred from UW and am wondering if anyone could chance me? I applied for the global health major and have gotten into schools with a lower AR than UW. Thanks everyone have a fantastic day :))

I don’t agree with the initial posting that UOf W Madison is stingy.
My daughter got a Full tuition merit scholarship ( merci lee scholarship) and we’re out of state. There are also other scholarship that students can apply to given by each college( WISH Hub) .

Does Wisconsin WL a lot of students? If WL, is there a lot of movement in most years? My D21 was deferred from EA and is holding out hope for an acceptance.

Texashorses, I don’t think anyone has stated that nobody receives scholarship money from WI, it’s just a very few. Statistically, WI gives much lower aid to out of state applicants in terms of number of grants and amount of grants than other public universities.

The scholarship she received is not open to all applicants. There are only 543 kids currently on campus that have received that scholarship. Not a significant number comparative to enrollment.

Congrats to your daughter for being one of those few that received the full scholarship!

QBallmom, I asked the same question of our guidance counselor. He indicated that nobody could predict what happens with kids deferred in EA or waitlisted during RD this year because of the extraordinary volume of applications received this year. He was told that the school received 53,800 applications this year which is a 17% increase over last year (and last year applications were double digits higher than the year before).

This tells me competition is as high as it’s ever been especially for kids from states that tend to produce a high number of applicants (MN, IL, NY).

We are not so patiently waiting for 4/2 and my daughter said if waitlisted, she’s going to her other top choice. My other daughter who was also deferred in EA already moved on and committed and accepted the scholarship package elsewhere.

That being said, many kids get off the waitlist in May, June and July. I just don’t know how many. My daughter is unwilling to be in limbo that long and kids who get off the waitlist in June and July are unlikely to get dorm room assignments because they’ve all been taken. Threads about last year’s waitlist confirm this.

Good luck to our kids!

Thank you, MNmom24, for this information. I guess my daughter will need to be patient and reassess her options after Wisconsin releases decisions this Friday. Waiting until June to get off the waitlist and ending up without a dorm sounds pretty awful! Good luck to your daughter and all other kids waiting for decisions this week. It is has been a hard admissions season this year for so many of them.

What are the chances of me getting in if I got deferred from EA?

  • 3.9 gpa
  • tons of EC
  • decent essays
  • applied business information systems
  • semester grades 4 A+ and 2 A’s in all honors or AP classes
  • emailed office of admissions saying I will attend if I get in
  • OOS (female)

Looks good to me! Good luck.
Did you submit test scores?

No I did not.

Hi, I think you have a good chance. I applied EA and got in with similar stats but i submitted a test score.

Thank you!

In my UW Course Search and Enroll it basically lets me sign up for classes. Does this mean anything?

I got waitlisted. Didn’t show up on the first screen. You must click on the decision later. Could be a glitch.

I have that too.