<p>I was deferred from Early Action :( Where do I go on from here? Case is honestly my dream school, so I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get accepted.</p>

<p>My son was also deferred. However, it's not his dream school so he's okay. However, it was deflating.</p>

<p>Here is my suggestion - they want your grades in January, do your very best to get the best grades you can. Did you interview? If not, you may want to think about scheduling an interview in early January.</p>

<p>Also, why not call the person on your deferral letter and ask them if there is anything you can do to strengthen your file. Let them know how eager you are for admittance.</p>

<p>Do you need to retake the sat or take a subject test or two again? </p>

<p>And, in reality, get ready to move on and know you can thrive anywhere. There are other schools where they will be happy to have you and where you will also be happy and challenged. Review your list and make sure you have enough other apps out there. Perhaps talk to your guidance counselor at school - if they're decent and ask them.</p>

<p>Thank you very much! I've applied to four other schools, so I feel comfortable pursuing Case - not all of my eggs are in one basket. </p>

<p>My SAT could be better, I got 700 Reading, 590 Math, and 600 Writing, which I know I can do better on (I'm retaking it as soon as possible). I'm going to set up another interview, and I've already interviewed the admissions counselor asking how to strengthen my application.</p>

<p>For my SAT, however, how will I get my scores in time? They want more things by early January, and it's December 10th.</p>

<p>Tim104: You just got deferred, not waitlisted. Keep your confidence. You're doing everything you can. I think your interest will likely make the most impact. </p>

<p>Another suggestion which MAY help: Have you considered taking the ACT? The ACT is a different test than the SAT, and that test may be better suited for your particular skills and knowledge. Since they will likely take the higher score of either, if it's not, you haven't lost anything.</p>

<p>I've already taken my ACT (29 composite, 33 English and reading, 25 Science, and 26 math). Any other tips?</p>

<p>Get those up. I had higher test scores (Comp: 32, E: 30, M: 34, CR: 32, S: 30) and I got rejected outright. But you have to realize that my argument is flawed logically. It is the fallacy of false cause.</p>

<p>i got deferred too and CWRU is my top choice :(</p>

<p>in my experience, the best thing you can do is try to set up an interview or contact an admissions rep in some capacity. what makes case different than other top tier schools is that they are looking for the students with potential rather than just scores. case wants the type of student who will take initiative to be a leader and do what it takes to improve. they will see this in the student who contacts them showing interest and they will especially see it in some sort of interviews. also if the prospect of an interview is frightening (as it is to most people) just remember that it can only help you. admissions is very friendly and the interviews are very informal.</p>

<p>If you got deferred, don't worry! i was deferred last year and was accepted regular decision! my SATS were below average m:580/r:570/w:620, and i didn't have any subject tests. I also only took one AP class (stats), and I had a C and a D as quarter grades when I sent my midyear reports in but Case still accepted me! They saw how hard I was working and recognized that, which is awesome. The bottom line is, don't stress so much about everything! Case is looking for progress and effort, but not for you to kill yourselves to get in!</p>

<p>Thank you all so much for supporting me - it truly makes me feel better :) I'm definitely sending in my transcripts to impress them. I got A's in AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, and AP Government and an A- in AP English Lit. Plus my cumulative GPA went up.</p>

<p>Now what is the etiquette to go about sending in a letter on interest? And do they really help? And will they know I'm interested in their school since I applied for Early action? Haha I have so many questions.</p>

<p>when does deferred decisions come out? is it with RD? what is the time frame?</p>

<p>@bystander Some early applicants are 'deferred' to regular decision. Meaning you will find out along with the rest of the RD applicants.</p>