Delaware Deferrals

Starting a thread to see when deferred students hear back. My son was deferred for mid-year grades, which he submitted a couple of weeks ago. There is no promise of a new decision until early April, but we are certainly hoping for earlier as he has a number of other options in the mix. Has anyone else who provided mid-year grades heard back yet?

Hi my D received email asking for midterm grades as well in Feb’21 even though school had sent them in January '21. Resent on 2/16 and waiting on decision. D spoke to admissions person at UDel before resending grades since it showed they were sent in January. Admissions person confirmed they received them in February and said she’d hear “soon” but no date given - April was date stated in original email about decision once grades submitted. Good luck to your son.

Thanks! Same for your daughter. This was a top choice for him going in, but now he has narrowed his other acceptances down to two schools and really wants to make a decision soon so I am not sure he is going to be able to hold out until April for a decision.

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I agree. My daughter has several other acceptances and UDel was her top choice. We are OOS and do not qualify for anything so we are “full freight” as we like to say. She has started to join FB groups to the two other schools she is considering as I think the wait is starting to get to her. We are hoping that they will reconsider app within 4-6 weeks after getting the additional grades. Here’s hoping that we hear something soon.

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I’m literally dying here lmaooo. They asked for my mid-years in December b/c I applied for EA. I didn’t receive those grades until mid-February (they were mostly A’s with just one B+). I wrote a letter to the admissions office telling them how Delaware is my first choice, and I got a response from them saying they would note it in my file. I am so hopeful I get in. Delaware is my top choice, and I really don’t want to go to my other option. I’ll follow up with an update.

Good luck to you–I hope it works out! No news yet for us.

Thanks! The wait is agonizing lol

Good luck - we are still waiting on decision and daughter confirmed mid-semester grades were received by admissions on 2/16! Here’s hoping that you hear soon and it’s good news. I know it’s easier said than done but try not to stress over it. I feel as if decisions will be sent in the next two weeks since they have “decision days” scheduled for April 10th and 17th.

Update: I woke up this morning and checked my portal and saw that my checklist is gone. Hopefully, that means something.

Hopefully that means good news for you! My son’s is still there.

Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Hi - just an updated that my D received her admission decision and she was admitted!!! So much stress over this decision. She was just notified via email today. It took basically 4 weeks from the date which her first semester grades were submitted to receive a decision. D also reached out to Admissions Person (you should have received an email with the listing of your admission person) on 2/16 to confirm receipt. If your son hasn’t heard anything and it’s been over a month, and he hasn’t had any contact with his admissions person I would suggest doing that - especially since you said he can still see the checklist on the portal. Good luck and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your son and Aquarius2 receive positive news soon!

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My son just got in tonight too, which makes our lives much more complicated as he just accepted Penn State this week so he could register for summer classes. Now he isn’t sure.

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That stinks. Did he commit to Penn State already? I didn’t hear back yet, and I submitted my mid-years on 2/17. Hoping to hear back this week, as I really want to go to UD in the fall!

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I’m still waiting to hear from UD, but I hope I hear back this week and hope I get admitted.

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I hope you get positive news too!
He did commit to Penn State (he needed to in order to register for summer classes), but we will let him change if he decides he prefers UD. UD was his top choice coming into the process, but the long delay for the admit plus the need to register early for summer pushed him to enroll. We are touring each school again the week of the 29 and then he will decide if he wants to give up his deposit to PSU.

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Sorry to hear that. I got into Penn State too, but for 2+2, so I decided to forget It, as it would cost the same as one year at UD. I’m touring UD for the first time next week lol, so I hope that I hear back this week. I’m assuming he was admitted for the summer session because of the need to register for summer classes. I wish UD gave a definitive date other than early April to let us know our application decision. We need to make an informed decision before the official commitment day, and apply for housing and try to find a roommate, and only having a month to do so is really cutting it close. I know if I get into UD I’m committing, but the way they left applicants like your son hanging really puts them in a bad decision. Wishing him luck though! Penn State and UD are both good schools.


That makes sense. He is UP but as a summer admit so would need to start in summer to keep UP.

I’m not fully aware of how summer session works, but I think it’s only till like mid-July and then you don’t have to go back till the end of August. From what I heard online, a lot of the classes he would take at UP during summer are “weeder” classes that are intended to be challenging and to possibly make a student switch their major to something easier. I considered applying for summer, but I hold a seasonal job during the summer and that would ultimately interfere with that. Nonetheless, I wish him luck in making a final decision.

I read and stalked this forum a lot so decided I might as well post. February 19th I was asked for my mid year grades submitted the same day. Had four As two b+ and a b- heard back a month later March 19th at 5pm accepted into the business school. My stats before the mid year grades were 3.34 gpa 1290 sat 720RW 570M I took 9 aps and Dual enrollment classes had two decent LOR over 100 hours of community service held a management position at my job did a sport and I’m OOS don’t know if this input helps at all but if anyone has any questions let me know and good luck to all of you guys!!