Delaware EA 2026

My daughter’s merit scholarship letter came today. I was beginning to worry she wasn’t being offered one, but I think they were delayed due to the holiday break. She was offered the $10k/year Destination Delaware Scholars. I am sharing this because I think it’s helpful to know that the online scholarship calculator on the UD website was completely accurate for her.


@NJmom3G is that OOS or in-state? My S22 (OOS - CA) also received his scholarship notification in snail mail yesterday :).

OOS NJ. She didn’t receive the snail mail, or even the email, yet. My husband just happened to ask if she had heard, and I checked her portal, and the merit offer letter was there, dated today. Just a coincidence that I happened to check today.

Anyone else still waiting for a decision?

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yes :grimacing:

When do the students get notified about Honors? My daughter got her acceptance to College of Health Sciences on 12/17. Received a merit award too. Does Honors come in a separate email or she would have been notified already?

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Honors seems to be rolling too. My son got his Honors decision this past Friday.

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Jodileone - my D was accepted to Health Sciences on 11/7. Merit award also. Notified via portal - then snail mail for each arrived a few days later. Then on 12/10 her portal was updated with Honors College acceptance. Got that letter in the mail that week. I agree that it appears to be rolling. Good luck to your D!


yes! hoping to hear friday

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Admitted 12/22/21 OOS…3k/yr Delaware scholars merit award. Candidate for world scholars program (is this competitive or just a way to get students off campus??). Awaiting Honors decision


Has anyone still not heard yet?? Hoping to hear today!

My daughter recently received hers too. $15,000/year.

just heard today! accepted OOS!


Congratulations!!! Still waiting here!

Did you hear about Merit with acceptance? My son heard tonight. It stated he would hear about Merit (if any) in 2-3 weeks.

Congrats to your son! My daughter and I both thought she heard something about merit in her initial letter, that we knew she had gotten some merit well before Christmas - but the original admission letter in the portal now doesn’t say anything about it. Hmmmmm. Wish we could remember more specifically, sorry - but it seems so long ago now with all the other crazy college stuff going on! :slight_smile: Anyway, here are the dates on the letters (both in her portal and hard copies): Applied 10/15. Admitted 11/5. Honors Acceptance 12/10. Merit notification 1/14. Hope your son hears good Merit news soon.

Oops - I have to correct that! The date of her Merit notification on the hard copy of the letter is 12/13 (it was before Christmas, so I’m not completely losing my mind!) - but in her portal the letter is dated today. ?? Anyway, it was just a few weeks between when she was admitted and when we heard about merit. Hope that helps.

Thank you so much for the response. We will keep our fingers crossed he receives some merit.

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My S received his merit three weeks after acceptance.


no i didn’t hear about merit yet!