Delaware EA 2026

Anyone know when decisions start coming out for EA?

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My son applied in early August. He’s really hoping decisions start rolling out in early November based on previous years. Good luck!! :crossed_fingers:


My daughter completed the application process back in September, however the counselor/teacher recommendations are still trickling in. We’re hoping to hear in early November as well!

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If anyone starts getting acceptances please update the thread, in past years first week of November seemed to be the start.
Good Luck everyone!


D submitted on 8/3 but not sure if their results are related to submission date like a rolling admission would be?

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Wondering the same… My son submitted 8/1.

D submitted on 8/31 but high school didn’t submit their info until 10/28! Hope she hears soon anyway!

What does everyones portals say as their status at this point?
Awaiting materials
awaiting review
awaiting decison

My D’s says “Awaiting Decision”

Same here and it showed “awaiting review” last week
I don’t really the know the time frame or it that means anything - just something we noticed

My son’s says awaiting decision too.

My daughters says awaiting decision as well.
Submitted 10/29
Complete 10/31

My daughter’s says Awaiting Decision also. Submitted 10/22.

Has anyone received an acceptance yet?

applied: 11/1
completed: 11/3
status as of 11/3: awaiting decision

Still says awaiting decision

Still awaiting decision
SAT- 1320
Gpa- 3.74

From past year’s threads, it looks like decision started rolling out the 1st Friday in November… Hoping for today!:crossed_fingers: The official decision thread is below once you have a decision:

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My daughter applied late august and her app was complete 9/18. Do we know how the decisions come out? Is it based on application date? College/major? And how often do decisions come out? Thanks!

Last year it they found out around this date