Delaware EA 2026

I guess we are not going to hear today

Actually right after I posted this my DD found out that she got in!!


DITTO! My DD also just accepted!

GPA: 3.41 (unweighted)
ACT: 31
School of Education


us too!!!
Delaware 2026!


Yay!!! My son is accepted too! :tada:

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Congrats! How nice to hear early!

My daughters still says awaiting decision

Those who heard today, please share major and stats.

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My DD was just accepted today! She’s so excited as this is definitely in her top 2 choices.

Test Optional

Applied date:9/16
Decision date:11/5
Decision/College: Fashion Design and Product Innovation


Accepted: Undecided
Test optional
Unweighted: 3.83
Applied: 10/11
Accepted: 11/5
Good luck to all!


D22 Accepted for Biological Science (BS)
SAT: 1340
GPA: 4.2 weighted
Class Rank: 1st Decile (out of 220)
Applied: 10/4
Accepted: 11/5


when did your daughter apply? My son applied 10/18 and still says “awaiting decision” as well

Just had D open her email. Acceptance here too! Applied 8/3.

Major: Nursing
3.98 UW GPA
Test Optional
Top decile, no class rank
Double Legacy (not sure how much/if that plays a role)

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So excited… This is one of my son’s top two choices!!

SAT: 1340
GPA: 4.463
Rank: 18/544
Applied: 8/1
Accepted: 11/5 (College of Engineering - Computer Science)

Hoping to hear about Honors & merit!

My daughter applied mid October

D accepted Business, OOS
Applied Oct. 10, accepted Nov. 5

GPA 4.4 (w), 3.87 (uw)
Competitive high school does not rank
Test optional
Many ECs including Soccer team captain, varsity lacrosse, manager of local business, peer tutor, Nat. Honor Society, many clubs

There was a change to D application page

“ Now that your application is complete and under review, a major change will not be considered again until a decision has been made.”

Was added.

My D just looked - My daughter has the same notice on hers too

honestly, we are not sure if it was there prior or not though… I don’t think it was

Is that something you definitely notice as new to your Ds page?

Yes, this is definitely new….I took a screen shot on 10/31 and it wasn’t there on that one. That is the only thing that is different

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Want to add on 10/31 it showed ‘awaiting decision’ just like it does today

mine says this too. did anyone who was accepted receive this beforehand?

Yes, my Ds did say awaiting decision too before

Maybe the new change means they are getting closer to a decision!