Delay between AT&T and T-Mobile?

<p>I've been texting this girl who has a T-Mobile cell, while I got an AT&T iPhone. Now it takes her like a half hour to respond to my texts. I do realize that she might be busy or doesn't really wanna text, but our convos are pretty long and fun, and never the "hey whats up...nm" ones that are code for "stop frickin' texting me" lol. And also usually she's doing nothing, like eating, or watching a movie, so...</p>

<p>I've also had this problem a couple times before with people on different networks.</p>

<p>So any answers guys? xD (btw, this is just outta curiosity, not trying to be obsessive or whatever lol)</p>

<p>She probably is taking her time. The network should be fine.</p>

<p>Yeah perhaps she is just not checking her phone quite as frequently as other people. In fact it isnt odd for my girlfriend and myself to text each other 20 minutes or so after getting the text. This doesnt mean she's not interested, everything should be fine.</p>

<p>Haha okay, thanks guys :)</p>

<p>It's not so much the delay between networks as it is how the weather and atmosphere are affecting the signal receptors.</p>